Buyer Rhythms

BUYER RHYTHMS is the deep understanding of your customer by focusing on, and learning from, the repeated patterns they create while interacting with your business. It offers you detailed insights - using platform integration, website personalization, data analytics, AI/ML and BI visualization – delivered in a simple seamless manner within your existing IT Ecosystem.
Buyer Rhythms break your customer’s journey into three distinct but interconnected steps:

all touch points and get to know your customers

using data models and know your best customer segments

throughout the customer lifecycle and deliver a fluid CX

INTEGRATE Platforms: Know your customers well

Buyer Rhythms can integrate all your customer touchpoints based on your business fundamentals, the customer journey and the data generated during the touchpoints. The end result is a single view of your customer that includes his needs, wants and preferences.

ANALYZE Data: Know your best customer segments to focus on

It is just not enough that you know about your customer’s needs and preferences. You also need to know which customer to focus on so you can employ your resources wisely. Buyer rhythms helps uncover customers with high current and potential value.

Know where to focus on by accurate data analysis
ENGAGE Customers: Use the intelligence to deliver a Fluid CX
Use data gained from analysis to engage your customers

It is now time to prompt and encourage your customers to engage with you. Move them from tactical interventions, onto a personalized interaction, ending with a white-gloved limo experience!

UN - Fluid CX - Customer Experience
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