Suyati focuses on renewing learning by creating new value for the Education industry. Right from enhancing student experiences to cost management, educational institutions prefer us to partner them in their digital transformation initiatives. Would you like to know more? Then read our success story here.

Why should you adopt digital learning practices?

  • Help you achieve goals of your knowledge ecosystem
  • Personalized learning solutions for enhancing knowledge
  • Experience better results for certification programs
  • More customized approach towards learning management

What can Suyati do towards digitalizing education industry?

With Suyati, you can capitalize on technology to augment and improvise the learning experience.

To renew the learning process:

  • Web-based content management system to create, manage, deliver, and archive knowledge artefacts in multiple formats
  • Advanced search functionality to access relevant data
  • Reducing the cost of help desk operations
  • Controlling access to enterprise content by implementing robust user authentication methods
  • Ensuring information security and supporting digital rights management
  • Using digital assessment tools to arrive at accurate evaluation of educational courses or programs

New systems to enhance learning:

  • Facilitate collaboration between learners, instructors, administrators, and other stakeholders
  • Implement social learning in virtual classrooms, by using interactive channels like videos, text chats, and so on
  • Introducing mobile devices to accelerate knowledge sharing and for gaining quick and easy access to knowledge repositories.
  • Cloud-hosted learning ecosystem that can reduce IT infrastructure costs and manage adoption by multiple users

Rethink, rediscover, and revamp your operations and business models with Suyati to experience the joy of learning.