Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our range of MS Dynamics services enable enterprises to better their customer expectations at every point of contact. With better visibility into processes, faster insights into customer behaviour and advanced customization options, we help businesses to drive greater value on their CRM investments with our comprehensive suite of solutions around MS Dynamics. Empowering the sales force is vital to improve customer loyalty and ensure a steady supply of quality leads and prospective deals.

With targeted Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for multiple sectors like healthcare, retail, finance and several others provide deep rooted analytical insights into the consumer life cycle thereby helping marketers and sales personnel to translate feedback into better product features in the next product cycle. Stringent SLA’s and quality standards followed by our professional consultants ensure that all business flows are captured on MS Dynamics and ultimately result in better visibility across the sales cycle.

Suyati’s enterprise integration services for MS Dynamics ensure that enterprise wide data consistency and business process optimization are ensured when multiple technology platforms such as ERP, SCM, HRM, Finance, etc. are integrated with MS Dynamics to create a truly connected enterprise. This enables companies to improve top line growth while maintaining a sustainable customer satisfaction index across sales channels. With better visibility across inventory, resources and the supply chain, sales personnel can cater to customer requests faster. Advanced analytics can provide enough insights into customer behaviour thereby facilitating better automation of customer service request management and self-help portals.

Our Specialities in MS Dynamics include

Migration-CRM to XRM

Migrating your existing CRM system into the powerful customer success platform powered by MS Dynamics. We ensure that your crucial business processes are better aligned to your strategic objectives with MS Dynamics.

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Enhancement and Support

Suyati’s consultants enable enterprises to stay focussed on their MS Dynamics implementations with timely enhancements and comprehensive support for all of their technology and consulting needs.

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Customization and Configuration

We enable enterprises to embrace the power of MS Dynamics without disrupting their business models. We ensure this happens with state of the art customization and configuration services for MS Dynamics.

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Empower your MS Dynamics ecosystem with more capabilities with more simplified integrations and data exchange with existing business systems like ERP, HRM, SCM, financial and other systems.

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Upgrade Services

We ensure that you enjoy the most hassle free experiences provided by the latest versions of MS Dynamics. With simplified upgrade processes and minimal business disruption, your Dynamics Upgrade needs are successfully executed.

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Dynamics Cloud Deployment

Create a scalable CRM system for your global aspirations with our MS Dynamics cloud deployment services. Our consultants ensure that your business stays agile and nimble to compete with dynamic markets.

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Our MS Dynamics practice strives to offer more than just a tool for enterprises to serve their customers. Our Centre of Excellence for MS Dynamics focuses on driving innovation across customer domains by applying our deep rooted industry knowledge and our strategic expertise with Microsoft products into our zeal for digital transformation. These result in the creation of tailor-made and ready-to-deploy solutions for clients across industries that require less integration effort with the customer’s technology infrastructure. This will drive down costs and enhance customer satisfaction at the same time bringing comprehensive results and returns on technology spends.