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Having a digital insurance agent has been a vision of the future.

Insurance is an area which witnesses a number of unique issues and as the consumer is growing technologically stronger by the day, there is a dire need for the policy providers to catch up in order to ensure better customer services.

Insurance chatbots have emerged as an answer for insurance companies to improve their services and means. With the help of chatbots comes the capability of multi-platform integration which is a crucial factor in meeting the expectations of customers. With the help of chatbot, the conventional ways of transaction in the insurance sector have now taken the form of smart two-way interactions between providers and consumers.

How Chatbot Help in Insurance Sector?

For the empowerment of policyholders around the world, it has come as a reform that now digital technology is making its way through the previously paper-heavy industries.

Since the modern consumer is habitual of fast, easy and intuitive technology, the insurance sector is fast adopting tech to match customer expectations and chatbots mark a major step in that direction.

1. For Customer Experience: The traditional ways of insurance companies consist of mundane, inefficient questionnaires which are highly drawn-out and fail to interest the customers. However, with chatbots taking place, the level of customer engagement can be improved manifold and all the recorded information can be simultaneously digitized.

With the help of chatbots, the monotonous questionnaires can be made into quick and straight questions that hold the user’s attention for a much longer time, at the same time, they can be programmed into being more friendly and warm.

2. For customer acquisition: Insurance chatbots can reach a person’s most accessible space, i.e., their smartphones, easily. Furthermore, chatbots can assist people looking for more information related to insurance on any website. For instance, instead of browsing through a complicated website, the user can easily enter the query for the chatbot and get directed to the specific page they were looking for.

3. For marketing: Chatbots are efficient, effective and can be programmed in many innovative ways. More importantly, being as good as (and sometimes even better) than insurance agents along with being digital, chatbots can work tirelessly, build engagement and interact with multiple potential customers at the same time. This reduces the marketing and labor costs substantially.

The rise of chatbots in the insurance industry is real. From supporting agents to onboarding new customers and processing claims, chatbots is taking over the entire sector. This white paper discuss in detail about the advent of Chatbots in the Insurance domain, some of their benefits, different ways in which Chatbots can be used in the Insurance domain and some things to remember while implementing them.