Keep your Rockstar employees happy!!

Employee engagement is becoming increasingly important for every organization. The responses the employees gave to a study conducted by Arnold Worldwide and McKinsey, show how easy it is to make your Rockstar employees happy.

  • a pat on the back
  • take genuine interest by asking questions and not dictating solutions
  • Attention from leaders
  • Continuous education and innovation

A weekly one-on-one meeting seems to be helping employees to build a bond with the employers and this significantly helps in addressing issues in the beginning stages. Providing consistent and regular feedback shows the employees that their effort is appreciated and that they have created value. The number one factor for employee happiness is when managers take the initiative to openly acknowledge their employees work.

Employees need to be happy in whatever they do. Even the grunt projects can be made interesting for the employees when the managers make the effort to be a part of them and keep reinstating the importance of these projects to the overall company’s goals. The employees feel much more rejuvenated when there is a scope for innovation and new learning along with the work.

At Suyati, we exercise the mantra of appreciation and leadership under even-keel bosses. In fact we consider every one of our employees as a ROCKSTAR. Our belief is that with the right environment and constant motivation, a professional can rise to any occasion, irrespective of the technology, platform, or project.

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Author : pvincent Date : 28 Oct 2011