Suyati’s Line Control ranked as #3 WYSIWYG editor!

DesignHuntR, a smart, upcoming design blog has featured Suyati Technologies’ LineControl in its blog on the ‘most popular WYSIWYG and jQuery text editor plugins’ in the world – ‘20 Awesome WYSIWYG and jQuery Text Editor Plugins.’ It lists 20 outstanding jQuery text editor plugins that the world loves.

The article highlights the dilemma faced by most people looking to incorporate an editor plugin: ‘There are many text editor plugins found on the internet. But, finding the best and most suitable for your project can be difficult.’ In such a competitive scenario, Suyati feels proud to have risen to the top.

To put this achievement in perspective, do note that while LineControl was released less than a year ago, the #1 plugin – CKEditor – was first released over a decade ago. The FOSS team that built this lightweight rich Text Editor was inspired by the desire to contribute a light weight, 100% client side editor to the world, with cool features not available yet.

This rich, extensible and scalable JQuery Plugin is designed to work with Twitter Bootstrap, and as a Jquery Plugin. DesignHuntR describes it as: ‘allows you to add a beautiful, responsive and fast online Text Editor to your web application/site.’ The site stresses the reasons for ranking this plugin as:

  • Lightweight and highly extensible
  • Developed in JQuery plugin method
  • Responsive design with Bootstrap
  • Easy integration with any applications
  • No third party plugins required
  • Customizable options, menus and themes
  • X-browser support

Asked for his opinion, Suyati HR Director Vincent says, “True to the spirit of the FOSS community, open source developers in our team has been truly innovative, entrepreneurial in spirit, and it is in this context that they came up with this product. Our engineers have spent their time deeply researching the pros and cons of the systems available, and have delivered to the market a top ranked product. Our contribution to the open source world!”

As with all great things – they get better, and the team has just released the next version, with added features like custom context menu for inserted image, custom context menu for inserted table element and Toggle Full screen.

At Suyati, we hope it’s just a sign of things to come!

Author : Subin Jacob Date : 09 Apr 2014