Big Data Engineering

Organizations collect, and store, humongous amount of data every day. However, traditional methods are not sufficient to effectively process this data. More importantly, traditional systems do not provide a real time value that can be utilized.Big data engineering provides a new ability to organizations to collect, store, and process every bit of data.Suyati’s Big Data Engineering services enables enterprises to operationalize Big Data processing methodically. Our services have enabled our clients to leverage data-driven strategies for innovation. Our services puts our customers ahead of the competition by acquiring more customers, retaining existing customers, and improving operational efficiency through effective decision making process.


  • Managed Big Data Services
  • Data Collection Strategy
  • Derive functional intelligence from your data
  • Exploratory data analysis to transform your business for the better
  • Effectively manage, monitor and maintain your big data applications
  • Preparing Data for Advanced Analytics
  • Migrate from legacy systems to scalable micro services.
  • Implementing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Implementing ELT process.
  • Data Lake Strategy
  • Developing “Reactive Applications”.
  • Managing real time data flows from IoT devices
  • Integration with other fast data solutions like AKKA, Apache Spark, Apache Flink and data storages likes Cassandra, MongoDB, HDFS, S3 etc.
  • Developing from whiteboard design to production.

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