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Want to magnetise your website to attract leads? Here’s how Pardot does it

Salesforce Pardot enables enterprises to overcome the challenges of identifying good leads, engaging with them, and retaining their interest until conversion. Read how businesses can benefit from Pardot.

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Most marketers face significant challenges in identifying potential leads. Pardot creates highly powerful and dynamic forms, landing pages, and email templates that offers powerful lead grading and scoring capabilities, the Engagement Studio that allows marketers to create dynamic lead nurturing programs, and offers Einstein Behaviour Score that leverages Artificial Intelligence capabilities, all enabling the targeting of more highly qualified leads.

Another challenge is providing personalised web services. Pardot offers Dynamic Content to automatically personalize forms, landing pages, emails and websites for each prospect, highly powerful analytics and automation capabilities with integration to Salesforce CRM, closed-loop reporting capabilities to keep track of the prospects, and webinar connectors to track all factors connected with seminars.

The next challenge is retaining customer interest. Pardot achieves this through automation tools that delivers information that interests, facilitating progressive profiling, and offering built-in Eventbrite connector that makes it easy to host in-person events, workshops, events, and more. Stack collaboration enables better teamwork.