Cloud Computing will give rise to Intelligent Cars in future

Cloud Computing will give rise to Intelligent Cars in future

Very soon, your car will be updateable just like your smartphones and TVs. By 2022, more than 200 million vehicles around the world will be able to get over-the-air software updates according to ABI Research, a company that studies technology trends.

The new technology will entirely change the way the vehicles operate. It will connect to the cloud for entertainment and security functions, will run regular software updates to fix problems, improve performance and add new features. The car is made intelligent by the data and analytics that is offered through the cloud. Read more.

“Streaming updates to cars is going to be a big play for the auto industry,” said Scott Frank, marketing vice president of Airbiquity, a Seattle-based company specializing in connected-car services. “Adding features and improving performance post-purchase is a game-changer for the industry,” Frank said. For example, in the future, if a new transmission program comes in the market to increase fuel economy, an updated navigation information is out or new infotainment apps are available, they can all be updated via the software. The car will get a warning message in case any service or repair is required. The car then identifies nearby service centers and makes an appointment.

Tesla Motors is offering over-the-air updates, and very soon automakers are likely to follow.

Author : admin Date : 06 Sep 2016