Employing Big Data to predict deaths in Game of Thrones

Employing Big Data to predict deaths in Game of Thrones

Teradata is now using Big Data to predict the deaths in “Game of Thrones” – one of the most unpredictable and splendid works of literature as well as television experience. Clement Fredembach, the renowned data scientist at Teradata, presented a panel at Teradata PARTNERS 2016. The panel discussed and praised a blog post written by Clement which covered the ways to use data to accurately predict a character’s death in “Game of Thrones”.

Inspiration behind using big data:

Clement gained inspiration from the social networks created in Florence during the times of Medici. He used the approach of linking characters to ascertain any upcoming decease. He also read each book in the series several times to understand the subject well.

How did all that happen?

Clement utilized network graphics, beginning right from raw text data. He created a social network of all characters automatically, and loaded them into the database of Teradata. The structure of the story was analyzed in detail using network relations. Role and relevance of each character was measured using visualizations, graphics and networks. Using a Belief Propagation Algorithm the deaths of major characters were predicted accurately over social networks. Excited to know how he utilized numbers to make these predictions? Then read more.

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Author : admin Date : 19 Sep 2016