Intel – Feet on the ground, head right up in the clouds!

It is no wonder that cloud and embedded computing are the primary focus areas for development for Intel, as its Data Centre group recorded a 15 percent year-over-year growth with cloud computing and enterprise servers. Last year, Intel pumped in $30 Million to fund a new pair of Intel Science and Technology Centers that would help Intel innovate in cloud computing and embedded computing.

The Intel 2015 vision envisages building interoperable clouds, automated usage and transfer of software and resources, and computers-aware and devices-aware clouds that understand whether processing ought to occur in the cloud or maybe a mobile device, laptop or a tablet.

This year, said Terrance O’Shea, a senior principal engineer at Intel Research, Intel has a project that provides neighborhoods with sensors to derive information about pollution and weather.  Sensor chips measuring air quality and temperature, the mobile pollution toolkit, promise to deliver a safe, convenient way for citizens “to choose and avoid routes that they would not have known to avoid otherwise”.

Better quality of life, at reduced costs, and at the click of a button! Technology that not only helps innovate, but also changes lives.

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Author : admin Date : 07 May 2012