Why you should consider Ektron for your CMS

A Web Content Management System or Solution (WCMS) makes it easier for you to create, manage and publish content on the internet. But then, there are several powerful CMS solutions available today such as Ektron, WordPress, Joomla, Sitefinity and many more, leaving you baffled, as to which to choose.

If you want a powerful and complete business solution, then Ektron is the one of the answers to your business needs. Here we list a few reasons why Ektron is a strong contender for a robust WCMS:

Reliable Microsoft ASP.Net platform:

The content management engine of Ektron is powered by ASP.Net from Microsoft that allows it to be flexible as well as scalable as per your business needs and gives you complete control over the design and development of your website.

User Friendly:

With all the complexities of coding and structural configurations carefully encapsulated by the .Net framework, users can easily create, manage and publish content through a simple interface without having to necessarily know about HTML codes and other web programming techniques.

Compatibility with existing business models:

There is no need to replace your existing business models and applications as Ektron allows you to integrate them into its flexible and dynamic workflow management system.

Device Independency:

Whether people use computers or smartphones or Tablet PC’s, Ektron offers simple solutions like its eMobile tools to deliver content that is device compatible.

Social Collaboration made easy:

With its exclusive social business software applications, Ektron makes it easy for employees to create their own professional social networking platform which also allows for social media marketing.

We may have only just scratched the surface with these reasons, but these certainly are a few prime ones! If your business is considering a CMS implementation, or wants to leverage the benefits of Ektron, do visit us at www.suyati.com. As an Ektron certified premier partner, we can help leverage Ektron in a purposeful manner for you.



Author : admin Date : 06 Oct 2012