Getting Ready For The Double Dip? We are!

Nope, we are not talking about ice creams! The world is heading towards another recession – what the economists claim as the double dip effect. The good news, at least for outsourcing providers, is that it is not as severe as it looks. In fact, the first “dip” taught a few lessons to IT outsourcing providers on costing, budgeting, and expanding. Today, they are better prepared to face the challenges the next dip brings.

On the other hand, corporate businesses are also changing their view on outsourcing their IT projects. As the role of the CIO changes in today’s business world, there is increasing awareness that outsourcing IT projects is not just about cost or labor arbitrage.  For example, CIOs are looking to outsourcing for –

  • Greater flexibility to scale global operations
  • Better access to technology and support services
  • Increased efficiencies in standardized business processes

Double dip or not, Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team (DGT) presents a compelling option to reduce cost, increase speed of development, and finetune process efficiencies. Our cost efficient, customized product development will ensure lasting competitiveness in the global market. Want to know more? Read our case study to find out how our Spanish client uses our DGT services for their R&D+i projects.

We’re listening.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 14 Nov 2011