Is the court ruling against Samsung, the end of Android?

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The nearly $1.3 Billion lawsuit that Apple won over Samsung concerning patent issues and copyright infringement has shocked the entire Smartphone industry. Now the biggest question that manufacturers ask themselves is “Is Android safe?”

Though Apple won the case that emphasized the hardware configurations that Samsung copied from its devices, there was a clear mention about the icons in the interface of Samsung phones, which is courtesy of Google’s Android OS. However, Google claims that the ruling does not in any way blame the core Android OS.

As per official statements released by Reuters, top brass of smaller Android vendors such as HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, etc have not yet taken a decision to axe the Android platform, which is in fact found in nearly 64% of smartphones sold globally. However, manufacturers are looking for alternatives and preparing for the worst. The hurried launch of the Windows 8 phone by Samsung, well ahead of the planned Nokia launch of the same platform is seen as an indication that Samsung too is afraid of further problems with the Android platform.

Microsoft is tipped to be the biggest beneficiary, as manufacturers believe that the Windows Operating system is legally more solid and free from patent problems as compared to the Open Source Android OS.

Whether or not Samsung appeals against its ruling, the lawsuit has certainly kicked up woes for Android.

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Author : admin Date : 12 Sep 2012