How Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables digital transformation


Nestled under the punch-line “Enable your organization to grow, evolve and transform”, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based service which aims to respond holistically to specific business requirements through tailor-made apps. These needs will include operations, sales automation and customer service. The services make efficient use of two of the most fertile technologies, analytics and machine intelligence to design apps personalized for customers’ needs. The functions of analytics and machine intelligence within Dynamics 365 include:

  • Increase in efficiency of field-service operations;
  • Enhance manufacturing and supply chain cycle;
  • Design user-oriented product and service journeys; and
  • Sell the product/service with greater efficiency.

Holistic growth of your business with Intelligent Design

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the birth-child of years and years of investment in artificial intelligence, with the mission of delivering smart solutions to companies. The following powers were brought into the family of Dynamics 365, along with artificial intelligence: product recommendations, sentiment and intent analysis, relationship insights, up-sell and cross-sell, lead and opportunity scoring and preemptive service. Instances of how this investment has paid off include Bing Predicts, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

When a company uses Dynamics 365, they can also demand independent apps which will deliver domain-oriented solutions. Consider Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, an analytics app which was recently launched by Microsoft. This “connects and analyzes data from Microsoft” and from a spectrum of other sources (including CRM, social, ERP, web and IoT resources). Once such an analysis takes place, it applies artificial intelligence to the data to provide a 360° landscape of customers’ perspective along with suggestions for increasing their engagement. Amidst a population of successes, Marston’s (the leading hospitality brand) is one of the leading examples where Customer Insights is expected to allow them “to sell one extra meal, and drink, per pub per day, which they expect will result in about a £7.7 million increase to their bottom line”. The basic idea is that a company begins small-scale and as it starts exploring the range of tools including Office 365, Cortana Intelligence, Power BI and Microsoft Azure, it expands its indulgence depending on upcoming demands.

Flourishing AppStore Family

Apart from using PowerApps or Microsoft Flow, customers can make effective use of the newly introduced common data model of Dynamic 365 with the assistance of a professional developer as well. Your company can flourish by connecting with Dynamic 365 capacities that sync with its unique function and industry as present in AppStore. The AppStore has seen the entry of over 100 new applications since July which can be easily accessed through Dynamics 365. A Solution Integrator (SI) is also on the way which would permit companies to discover partners who can lend a hand with the execution and deployment.

Availability and Purchase

Dynamics 365 became available from 1st November, in over 130 markets and about 40 languages. They can be bought in both Enterprise and Business Editions, depending on the scale of your organization. The subscription is offered per application per user and industry-first plans are also available to acknowledge and include the intertwined way in which organizations and employees work today. Angela Bandlow, in her piece “The Path to Dynamics 365” delineated the ways in which customers could migrate to the platform, remarking on the positive response Dynamics 365 has received including appraisal of the easy updating methods.

When you choose the app-based subscription, you will be paying only for the app you need, which will be licensed to a particular user. Not only can you create roles, you can define the functions of these roles and manage their access levels. Consider the case where customer service reps will have access to information in customer service, field service and sales apps, allowing them to better cater to the customers online immediately. Traditionally, customer service reps would need three app-based subscriptions. With the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 plans, one wholesome subscription will take care of all the information an employee needs and also save up on the expenses towards such subscriptions.

Regarding the movement to Dynamics 365, Microsoft announced two methods (Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics CRM on-premises) for their Dynamics CRM customers while Dynamics AX customers could use similarly modeled Dynamics AX online or Dynamics AX on-premise options.  While you are walking through Dynamics 365, check out its app for Outlook as well!

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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 23 Nov 2016