Top challenges in Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development
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Getting information on the go is made possible through mobile apps, further contributing to the massive use of smartphones. This trend is not limited to a particular geographical region, but is a global phenomenon. However mobile application development is not an easy task. Let us take a look at some of the challenges that mobile application development faces.


Experience with application development is something that has to be given the highest priority when you choose a mobile application development partner. Inexperienced personnel may create faulty apps which in turn can badly affect branding

Cross Platform Compatibility:

The smartphone market is mainly a battleground between smartphones running on iOS, Android, Windows and to some extent Symbian OS. Hence an application you develop needs to be compatible with multiple operating platforms so as to achieve more success.

Changing Hardware complexities:

Smartphone hardware constantly undergoes changes with respect to processing speeds, memory, Graphics processing, etc. Moreover, screen sizes, multiple keyboard options like touch only, touch and type, type only, etc all pose severe challenges. The apps you develop must be capable of fault free operation in both low end as well as high end hardware devices.

Analyzing the target users:

Failure to identify and analyse potential users and their preferences would lead to the development of an app that has something in substance but nothing in value for the target market.

Thus mobile application development is not without its fair share of challenges. However choosing the right partner for your app development activities would resolve these issues. With expertise in Mobile Application Development, Suyati Technologies can cater to the most diverse needs in developing apps. Our dedicated team of engineers will make sure that your concepts are transformed to reality within the shortest possible time frame.



Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 01 Nov 2012