Rooting your Android for better or worse

‘Andy’, the Adorable droid, or as he’s better known- ‘Android’, has become a quick favorite. You might be a proud Android possessor, but did you know are only a guest user on your phone! You use your phone just as a guest would use Windows, without the administrative privileges!

Rooting- The lock to Andy’s Neural schema!

To put it simply, Rooting helps you gain Administrative privileges (root access) on your Android system. When you do so, you can proudly say; “Yes I own an Android” and really mean it!

However, holding that expensive new Android, it’s quite natural to be in a dilemma about crossing the fence hardware manufacturers and carriers have put on these devices; particularly, when you are unsure of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Well, read on…..

Pros of rooting

Once you gain root access or privileged control to your android device’s subsystem, numerous limitations can be overruled:

  • Ability to run powerful Apps

Tweak your ‘Andy’ extensively by running specialized apps that require root access on Android subsystem and enjoy more powerful features, inaccessible to normal guest users. For instance, using ‘eUninstall’, the privileged user can  uninstall multiple applications.

  • Run Custom ROMS

One solid reason you may want to root your Android may be to install and use custom ROMs, which allow numerous performance polishing and refashioning, compared to stock ones.

  • Free internal storage

Low Internal storage space has always been an issue for Android users, degrading the performance of their devices. Rooting the phone allows transfer of any application from phone storage to external memory. There are apps that provide this option by default, but certain other apps are immovable from phone memory unless phone is rooted.

Having said all this, we strongly recommend not making a move unless you are an expert in Mobile technology or at least have adequate expert advice, which Suyati Technologies‘ dexterous mobility team can offer. Normally there is no one-size-fits-all rooting process for all android devices, which is why you will need experts’ assistance. And there is high risk of getting your phone bricked, no matter how flawless a rooting tutorial may seem. Moreover, Rooting voids your phone’s warranty.

After all, it depends on what you want from your ‘Andy’- if running super apps and custom ROMs on Android excite you more than facing the challenges, go ahead. Suyati is here to assist you through all your Phone development curiosities and super App requirements.  To know more, connect with us at


Author : Anupama Nambiar Date : 31 Oct 2012