Waiting for a Bright Future at Suyati

Suyati…..what a name! Whenever I tell this name to anyone on the phone they will ask a question back. “What? Surya TV? Can you say it once more?”.  I would like to know the reason why Mukund selected the name ‘Suyati’ for his company. We didn’t meet Mukund personally, but it will be a great pleasure if I can hear the reason from Mukund itself.

As we all know the IT world is very competitive. I think I am very lucky that I got a chance to work in a company like Suyati. This is truly a wonderful experience. I saw the infrastructure of IT companies only through images. When I came to Suyati and visited the different sections of the company, I feel that this is a very clean, quiet, and disciplined organization with some special exciting features.

Anju MS

When talking about the training program I have to mention each and every employee who has taken the sessions for us. Because all of them did their job with 100% dedication. All of them were very friendly and because of that we were free in asking doubts to them. However, I have to mention three names. Deepak, Jijo and Revathi mam.

Deepak is a very different character and he always tries to do his job with 200% of dedication. Jijo is such a lovely person and he opened the world of Object Oriented Programming like a home for us. That is, in very simple words. Then last but not the least our Revathi mam. I don’t have words to express my love towards her. Such a simple, pleasing, lovely kind of personality. I think it is true to say this of Mukund that “Before every successful man there is a woman”.

The training program helped us to earn new knowledge. In my opinion it is always better to include more practical classes in between the sessions. Other than that it is very useful for freshers like us.

The training program also helped us to know about each other. We actually had a lot of fun. One month went by very fast.  The most interesting thing is when Mansoor came to take the photos of us. All of us were very happy to pose for his camera!

 Now Suyati is my first dream. For that I will always like to keep these sentences in my prayers. “Oh God please give more clients to Suyati so that there will be more job opportunities. Then you should help me to do my job extraordinarily well. Because Vincent needs only extraordinary talent and that can only make my job to be permanent in Suyati. Please God….help me…”.

                   I wish God will bless me by making my prayers about Suyati become true.

Author : ANJU M S Date : 26 Jun 2015