ASP.NET is all about high scalability and high performance which works hand in glove with our culture. At Suyati, we delight in using this Microsoft web framework to create Web APIs and mobile sites, as well as real-time technologies like Web Sockets and more. It’s what we do, and do pretty well! ASP.NET is among the most successful web application development frameworks ever, and we utilize it to the best. We have developed two products on the ASP.NET MVC framework. We have also built over 20 web applications with complex workflows for the publishing industry over the past five years. Why ASP.NET

  • Very large developer community and support
  • Extensive portability and scalability, for example with cloud and mobile technologies
  • Efficiency with respect to testing and debugging can be improved by up to 20 percent, by using test recording and replay features together with virtual machine snapshots and IntelliTrace
  • A complete integration with varied Microsoft servers like Commerce server, Share Point, Dynamics, BizTalk, Desktop applications, store apps, embedded systems, certificate servers and more
  • Provides architectural efficiency by making use of cross cutting enterprise patterns
  • Rich and efficient user interface
  • Streamlining application lifecycle management, optimizing team output, and improving software quality
  • Better visibility into code quality through reporting on test case iterations

Internet standards are also driven by this proven technology and offers it has for future