Top ERP Applications in Manufacturing

top erp apps in manu-minEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a method used to integrate the data and processes of an organization into a single system with modules that support core business areas such as manufacturing, distribution, finance, and human resources. ERP is a business strategy that optimizes enterprise collaborations. It also helps in building customer and shareholder communities and value network systems.

Manufacturing domain handles various activities including proper inventory tracking, sustaining quality of products, plant maintenance, human resource management, and so on, using ERP. Order processing, process scheduling, finance, and HR departments can be automated with ERP.

Nowadays, many ERP applications are available in the software market.  Let us take a look at some of the top ERP applications which are useful for the manufacturing industry.

1) Epicor

  • Provides end-to-end solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other manufacturing operations
  • Reduces the complexities of traditional ERP by delivering software applications that emphasize the ease of use, collaboration, and responsiveness
  • Offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focusing on:
    • Reducing costs
    • Streamlining processes
    • Improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise
  • Flexibility to run with either on-premise or cloud.
  • Uses MS/SQL/SOA technology
  • Used by more than 20,000 customers in 140 countries
  • Affordable price

2) Infor

  • Allows access to information anytime, anywhere. This helps in better decision making and invites quick response
  • Optimizes inventory and production resources to increase efficiency
  • Offers better service management, lean manufacturing, quality management, and financial visibility
  • Optimizes process manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution
  • Used by more than 70,000 customers around 200 plus countries
  • Priced moderately

3) Microsoft Dynamics

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP design allows the customers to utilize current financial data and reports for formulating business plans and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Automation of routine tasks allows the employees to focus more on critical tasks.
  • Minimizes the cost and complexity of administering salaries and other benefits
  • Helps in recruitment and performance management
  • Provides better visibility into key performance factors like profitability and potential issues
  • Helps in meeting industry-specific needs with functionalities for vertical business processes
  • Used by more than 83,000 customers
  • Uses MS/.Net/SQL technology
  • Low price


  • Provides utilities for sales and marketing, finance, field service, product design and development, production and inventory control, and more
  • Great support and trust for business processes in around 25 industries, 37 languages, and 45 localizations
  • Offers more efficient work environment for employees
  • Global integration with ease (overcomes the barriers of languages and cultures)
  • Used in 120 countries by more than 35,000 customers
  • NetWeaver, SQL, and a collection of other technologies

5) Datacor Chempax Software

  • Owned by Datacor Inc, Chempax is specially designed for manufacturers and distributors in various chemicals
  • Offers ERP solutions that include the robust features of CRM, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), product lifecycle management, supply-chain cycle, Business Intelligence (BI), and finance across various geographies
  • Works on both on-premise and hosted deployment models.
  • Chempax allows you to take complete control of your business, offering the following six specialized application modules:
    • Customer Service
    • Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Material Planning
    • Inventory Management
    • Regulatory Compliance
  • Servlet, Java, HTML, and XML are the components that contribute to this platform.
  • More than 10,000 users

6) Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP

  • Enables manufacturers in increasing the overall visibility of their businesses in various domains including aerospace, defense, and machine shops
  • Helps in estimating and quoting orders precisely, ensuring that each step of the manufacturing process is completed quickly and accurately
  • Ensures that orders are correctly packaged, shipped, tracked, and the products arrive at the appropriate destinations on time
  • Low installation and set-up cost
  • Global Application Builder (GAB), a product of Global Shop Solutions offers large number of customization options. Users can mold this tool to match their specific needs

7) EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Software

  • Developed by IQMS, this software offers the largest footprint of ERP, manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and supply-chain requirements
  • EnterpriseIQ facilitates large, medium as well as small scale businesses in the aspects of finance, BI, CRM, and so on
  • Manufacturers in domains like aerospace, medical devices, automobiles, rubber, metal fabrication, and packaging industries benefit more with this tool
  • Increases efficiency, eliminates unnecessary downtime, enhances manufacturing production and performance, and improves supply-chain visibility
  • Investment and maintenance costs are low

8) Statii Software

  • This is a cloud based software developed by Statii
  • Used by industries specialized in metal processing, electronics, industrial machinery, plastics, and many others
  • Offers solutions in applications including MRP, MES, supply-chain management, and BI
  • Designed to reduce operational costs, improve overall efficiency, and facilitate effective communication between team members
  • Affordable price

9) WorkWise ERP Software

  • WorkWise ERP provides features that save time and increase efficiency. Using this software, users can:
    • Gather details at one click
    • Save queries for later use
    • Export query results to Excel
    • Set their own specific navigation and browser preferences
  • Besides, users can manage security settings based on their role/ user level to ensure the confidentiality of data
  • Works on both on-premise and hosted deployment models
  • WorkWise ERP supports over 45 applications that can be used to build hundreds of roles which companies can deploy either at the group level or at the individual user level
  • Continuously updates plant activity information using barcode readers, which improves MES activities

10) Aquilon ERP Software

  • Offers a combined supply-chain, manufacturing, distribution, and financial management system that can be deployed either using cloud or on premise
  • Allows integration of all modules and enables the users to gain full access to all the information
  • Works well with small to medium sized companies
  • Useful for wholesale distributors and manufacturers
  • Helps in analytic accounting, bank reconciliations, billing & invoicing, budgeting & forecasting, tax solutions, payroll, inventory forecasting, auditing, administration, and resource management
  • Other advantages: Covers all aspects of finance, distribution, supply-chain and manufacturing, reduction in operation costs, spares working capital, reduces complexity, allows interoperability between locations, and provides increased customer service


ERP systems centralize the data in one location which eliminates the problem of synchronizing changes among multiple systems. It allows business managers to get a more accurate view of the business information. Proper implementation of the ERP application lays the strong foundation for future with improved productivity and more savings on costs.

About the author

veena-minVeena Narayanan is working as software developer at Suyati, and is proud to be part of its vibrant development and research team.  She has around 3 years of experience in .NET stack and has worked for domains such as manufacturing, e-commerce and content management. She also proved her mettle in taking technical sessions in wide variety of topics.

Author : Veena Narayan Date : 02 Oct 2015