Ruby on Rails

Design that speaks 3 philosophies: “Convention over configuration”, “Don’t repeat yourself”, and “Fat models, skinny controllers”- Ruby on Rails emphasizes these 3 key principles. Time and money- are the two strong pillars on which any enterprise is built on. When it comes to saving upon these two factors, Ruby on Rails is undoubtedly an excellent choice for enterprises for developing applications. As of 2016, more than 1.2 million websites are running Ruby on Rails. With its highly structured and simplified object oriented programming options, Rails allows us to deliver top-notch web applications, as well as other applications in a short time span. Rolling on the Rails- the Suyati way:

  • Our ROR development usually leverages the Linux Ubuntu 11.10 platform, ensuring that the FOSS benefits run right across the project.
  • We build quick prototypes, migrate across databases, leverage the cutting edge version control features and more.

The Rails Story: Our skills as a Ruby on Rails developer are showcased in a book management system for a library cum bookshop chain with multiple check-in and check-out points. Members can rent out or buy the books online, collecting it from the nearest library. If so desired, the user can set up filters to be informed by email and SMS if a desired book has come in, or make an advance booking. Our skills have also been showcased in an Author Learning Center that delivers content to writers, based on their interests. Our expertise includes:

  • Agile Web 2.0 applications using AJAX
  • Small to medium Web-based applications with stringent deadlines
  • Targeted internal applications and utility programs
  • APIs for your transactional systems
  • Multi-functional and multi-featured web applications
  • Support for cloud environment using Heroku
  • Dynamic web pages , emails, xml or text documents
  • jQuery and JavaScript integration for ROR
  • Easy deployment of your content management system

Write to us if there is anything more you need.