Amplifying your reach with mobile marketing technologies

Amplifying your reach with mobile marketing technologies

It is challenging for today’s brands and businesses to cope up with the demands of the advanced technology users. With the popularity of smart phones, every customer today is updated and aware of advanced technology and communication systems.

Photography, video recording, sound recording, music, calculators, calendars, reading e-books, diaries, address books, live chatting, time keeping, alarm clock, news updates, games, banking, GPS tracking and so on are the functionalities that are now carried out using smart phones.

Mobile marketing technology is evolving fast. Both the vendors and the customers benefit in many ways as information and data is easily available to all. Intrusive ads and customer outreach campaigns have become things of the past. Businesses now look to explore the options for mobile marketing including app marketing. At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to what the customers are continuously in look for when it comes to mobile marketing.

Following are some of the aspects that can help a business sort out a successful mobile marketing plan:

Search Engines: Earlier, search engines were displaying only the relevant pages and information. The recent trend is to display videos in the search result too. Mobile marketing technology is taking over the search engine results where video ads are being displayed. Search engines like Yahoo has already implemented this technology in the form of auto playing ads. This can attract the customers better as they get to view the ad even without being given an option to choose to play the ad. The auto play ads also enhance the browsing experience and saves browsing time.

Online payments: Online transactions and bill payments have become popular with advancement of technology, and secured gateways. The brands that enable mobile payment get the majority hits. Hence the introduction of mobile payment with collaboration with a trusted payment gateway such as Square, Intuit, Paypal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay, encourages the end user to trust the brand and use its services. The users can pay their bills using their smart phones anywhere, anytime.

Proactive personalization: Apps like Cortana and Siri play a major role in providing an interactive mobile experience. They proactively evaluate the goals of the user and then personalize information as well as the ads. This way, they become more like a virtual assistant. The concept of one-size-fits-all model has ended. Different users have different taste and ideas. Mobile marketing technology brings along, what is latest and the best for the user, based on their likes and dislikes.

Lifestyle: Mobile technology has grown to be a vital part of every individual’s life, they advise us on what to do and what not to. The customer starts relying on the mobile technology for almost everything; be it fitness diet, birthday wishes, period tracking, shopping list, sleep monitoring, reminders to pick up kids from school, online shopping or weather apps.

Communication: The mobile marketing technology allows the user to engage in a virtual communication process. This is a new method to get the user attracted to the app. For example, shopping sites allow the user to chat with the seller and sometimes with even other customers. Reading reviews can help customers to make informed decision before going ahead with purchase. Customers tend to make frequent use of this facility. The retail seller is also profited by offering this attribute as it helps in selling the products faster.

Social e-commerce: Virtual social networks have started adopting the idea of native social ecommerce. Selling through social websites has become the biggest marketing interference. People pay to advertise their own pages to enhance their business. In turn, advertisements from other pages take over on their pages. Businesses can look at investing in advertisements in social networking apps to explore this mobile marketing option.

Location based advertising: To be able to serve the user better, it is important to know the user’s location. Based on this factor, advertisements are customized according to the weather, local tradition, lifestyle, and nature of need. Apps that behave according to these variables can be used for marketing any product or service.

Customers as well as marketers are taking all possible steps to adapt to the changes that flow in everyday through technology. Using mobile marketing technology, marketers can expand their reach.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 24 Aug 2016