Are you a technology leader?

What distinguishes a technology leader from the rest of the pack? What decides whether you stay on top or fall from grace? And finally what do you have to do to become a technology leader?

The recent CIO 100 Awards provides some of the answers. “Companies at their best have nothing to align,” says Senior Editor Kim S. Nash, “and they set the pace for their competitors.”  They also break into new markets and rake in revenue. They crank out game-changing analytics or manage data in profitable new ways. They use simulation tools to turn a risky acquisition into a successful merger. They also set a scorching pace for innovation – both for their external stakeholders and for their internal ones. To see a complete list of the winners and the IT projects for which they won them, click here

As the CIO, you need help managing a wide set of requirements and solutions that change from day to day and from employee to employee. At the end of the day, a technology leader uses IT to find solutions. It uses the IT team for problem-solving, cost- saving, and resource-managing skills. So if you are looking to become a technology leader, the three keywords that can help are Flexibility, Innovation, and Suyati’s DGT!

Through Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team (DGT) model, you can create a dedicated team from scratch, or get a global development team quickly for load testing your applications.  All these through straight-forward contracts with a transparent costing structure.

So if you are looking to increase innovation and race to the top, give us a call.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 02 Sep 2011