Business use for Python

Python is a high level object oriented language which is quite popular among programmers and open source buffs. This widely used script has been internet giant Google’s basic most preferred language since its start. Let’s find out the advantages offered by Python that has prompted its wide use by the world’s best search provider or, on a broader scale, let’s analyze the business use of using Python.

I’ll start with the more obvious reasons which make Python a good tool, from a business point of view. Python is a widely used open source language. So it’s free of cost and easily available. Python has a strong community that works for its development and a large talent pool of adept coders. So, from a company’s point of view, resources are easily available, which means development can take place at lower rates of investment.

Python does not require the usage of curly brackets and complex syntaxes. Hence, python codes are easy to understand and write. This has a direct effect on the programmer, as codes can be written and executed easily, thus increasing his efficiency, and in turn the company’s product development efficiency . The language is easy to learn which again makes it easy for the company to train employees to work on python while incurring minimum training costs. Product development takes place at a very fast rate as coding using Python is quick and easy.

Another major advantage of using Python is that it can be used on multiple platforms without changing the code. Codes written in Mac OS can be directly tested in Linux, which makes the language highly portable across multiple systems and platforms. The benefits of Python are carried on to web development as well. Web based application can be developed in minimum time without causing inefficiency and unreliability to the program. The Google app engine and YouTube are some of the major success stories of Python’s use as a web development tool. Python can be used for standalone programs and hence is ideal for the development of plug-ins. Various programs use python based plug-ins to enhance their functional capacities.

Pythons powerful scripting capabilities and it’s easy to use syntax makes it a preferred language among programmers. The various advantages provided by Python makes it a Go-To language from a business perspective.

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Author : admin Date : 24 Aug 2012