Are you ready to transform your business?

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) representing 99% of the global economy and close to 50% of their country’s GDP, face a hyper-competitive business environment today, and are looking for partners to enable them to compete successfully.

Why do SMBs partner with IT sourcing service vendors? The reason is simple. They want to transform their business and take it to the next level in this hyper-competitive economy. Hence the talk about Tansformational Outsourcing!

Global businesses are no longer talking about labor arbitrage or cost savings when it comes to outsourcing. While cost savings is still substantial, and is relatively easy to achieve, the focus has shifted to creating global centers where collaboration, customization, and innovation results in Corporate Growth. Critical factors that are propelling transformational outsourcing include:

  • To reduce development cost and time thus reducing time to market
  • To increase pace of innovation
  • To free up internal IT staff for more strategic (design, architecture, and network) work
  • To create new business models for winning more competitive battles

Are you ready to transform your business? With Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team model, we can extend your IT team to optimize your operations, improve innovation velocity, and significantly lower costs. Talk to us today.


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Author : Team Suyati Date : 26 Apr 2011