Are you wasting your IT resources?

Some out-dated practices still exist in your IT organization. Shocked? Probably not, if you know your organization well. Whether it is resetting passwords, manual account creation, laying out the cable, or managing your printer issues, we bet you are spending time and money to manage these processes.

While this is okay if you are a small company strapped for resources, it may not make sense if you are a bigger business with markets to conquer and products to sell. Go through this list to see how.

  • Audit your business process to see who does what, and how it adds (or takes away) from your team’s productivity
  • Identify what functions can be outsourced versus done in-house
  • Identify productivity tools that can be implemented quickly
    • Self service password reset tools
    • Automated software for installation
    • Instant messaging systems
    • Continue to audit your internal IT department every 6 months so that you can take advantage of newer apps and tools that come to market

It is only after proper evaluation and planning that each and every change and technology is practised in Suyati Technologies. Keeping systems running, workers utilized,  skills applied to best effect, are just a few of the methodologies we use to stay keep in step, and move ahead of the competition. Our projects, clients and partners benefit by the smart practices we follow.


Author : pvincent Date : 25 May 2012