“At Suyati, there is no hierarchy for ideas.”


My first day on the job at Suyati set a precedent for things to come.

I was one year old in the industry, and this was my second job. My earlier job had me consulting to KPMG on behalf of my company. But I was so seriously stressed out, that it had become a medical issue. Another problem was that I could suggest a change. But I had no authority to implement, or drive it.

Coming back to my first day at Suyati – my task was to work on cloud computing. Now, if you know anything about IT, you’d be shocked. Only the really top people get to work on such advanced technologies. Two years have passed, and the pleasant surprises continue.

The atmosphere here is cool and collaborative, while knowledge is freely shared. A great relief from the typical software scene where know-how is treated like a secret – even though most of it is a just a Google page away! Here, we learn from each other. We back each other. And we accept ideas and contributions from everyone. In my current project, the newest member had great communication skills – so we did the obvious, putting him in charge of all client communication. Makes sense, right?

This brings me to the best thing I like about life here. Everyone is friendly and approachable. Anyone can knock on the CEO’s door at anytime. You don’t need the Team Lead’s, Project Lead’s, or Director’s permission. Because, solutions come from unexpected places. And innovation must be driven by each and everyone.

That’s why there’s no hierarchy for ideas.

Everyone in the team knows what the business objectives are. And as techies, we’ve often solved business problems too. Most of my peers in the marquee tech companies are limited by their modules. They are told that this is the input you get, and this is the output we need. Apparently, that’s all they need to know.

Our goal is to drive innovation and grow to MNC level. And the Suyati way of getting there is by experimenting, doing R&D, taking initiative and pushing each other to new levels. Besides, having fun along the way.

Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 05 Mar 2013