Enhanced digital learning experience with Apple iOS 9.3

Transforming digital learning experience with Apple iOS 9.3

Innovation in technology has aided not only business houses and offices, it has also revolutionized classrooms. Digital classrooms facilitate students with information Communication Technology (ICT) for better learning environment.Apple has assured transformation of the digital classrooms with focus on user-friendly and engaging products.

About iOS 9.3

Apple iOS 9.3 is the third update of iOS 9 and comes with a range of 3D touch shortcuts. The Night Shift gives more fun filled browsing experience with changing color, temperature and brightness of the display as the day progresses. The iOS 9.3 also allows secured storing of information with the help of Touch ID and password support. This is so far the most advanced mobile operating system and designed to extract the best services from the iPad, with special attention to the digital classrooms. The operating system ensures smooth running of apps, fast loading of websites and videos.

Enhancing the digital classroom

The Apple iOS 9.3 supports a range of classroom applications for teachers to organize and plan lessons and classes making the experience of a digital classroom hassle free. The experiences are further enriched through the iPad, Mac and Apple TV making the learning process in the digital classrooms more interactive. iOS 9.3 also comes with more than 170,000 educational application on the App Store, interactive textbooks, digital content and course creation tools that give remarkable learning experience to the students. The simplified setup process enables schools to swiftly enroll every student, configure devices automatically and at the same time buy and distribute books.

Features like the Picture in Picture allow students to open a different app while running a video, thus enabling them to simultaneously watch a lecture and also work on a presentation. The Split View lets students work on two apps at the same time. It enables students to take a digital tour of a place while using another feature like the Notes they can document their learning or findings. The OS also comes with a built-in dictionary that not only helps them to look for meanings of a word but also its definition and pronunciation.

Device support

The Apple iOS 9.3 runs on an iPad. The device has brought about novel changes in the classroom experience. Its thin and light body allows students to carry it along with them taking learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom.  Thousands of education apps, books and courses that are accessed through it also give a lively experience to the user. The OS not only helps the educators to provide unique learning experience but also lets them manage the classroom and collaborate with the students. The device and the interface come together to create an unforeseen learning experience. The device comes with an A8X chip and a 64 bit desktop architecture along with retina display facilitating the creation of fine looking projects, reports and presentations. The iSight camera comes handy for capturing the finest pictures and videos while the FaceTime HD camera allows the students to collaborate with classrooms world-wide. All these come with a battery life of 10 hours which puts a stop to constant worrying about recharging.

Advantages of iOS 9.3

Although the iPad with advanced design is easy to carry, sometimes it is not possible to provide iPads at a one-to-one-ratio.  The iOS 9.3 provides facility for sharing of a single iPad with many users with the help of Apple ID and Shared iPad. Each student has their own log-in id that can be used to log into any device and the content will be readily available to them. Thus, the students have the flexibility to switch classrooms and log into a device in that class and access their class materials. The Shared iPad has a photo log-in system making it easy for students to find their assigned device. There is also a PIN system that promises hassle-free logging for the younger students. A student who uses the same iPad each day finds his or her content ready while accessing the account, a facility made available through an intelligent caching system.

Further there is the new Classroom app for educators or teachers. The teacher can launch the same app for all the students, at the same time with the help of Classroom app. The teacher can also simultaneously guide the students with the help of the app. The Screen View feature enables the teacher to monitor and track the students’ iPad. It also lets the teacher lock different apps to keep students focused on a particular task. Further, the app also allows resetting students’ passwords from within it.

The Apple School Manager is a web-based feature that is designed for the administration. It enables the administration to create a central location for creating Apple IDs, building courses and managing student accounts. The administrators can also make purchases of books and other apps through the Apple School Manager. The app facilitates quick distribution of content among the school fraternity. The app gives the administration the control to lock a particular device and prevent its use. This feature comes in handy to keep the students focused on other important class-based activity.

There are also Managed Apple IDs created specifically for the schools. This is again done with the help of Apple School Manager. These ids created for the schools allow administrators to reset passwords and also audit accounts.

Thus, not only the classroom, but the entire academic fraternity benefits from Apple iOS 9.3, creating a better digital learning experience.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 06 Jun 2016