Why healthcare firms prefer cloud to on-premises for managing data?

cloud based data management

The reach of cloud computing is happening at a slow pace, especially with the hesitant traditional industries taking enormous time to move their resources to cloud. Interestingly, a recent study reveals the willingness of healthcare services to welcome cloud at a rapid leap. The research furthers that many of the healthcare IT professionals believe their data to be safe in the cloud than on-premises in the wake of natural disasters or hardware glitches. The survey conducted among 180 healthcare professionals discloses the following facts:

Safe storage of data:

·         61% of respondents consider private cloud to be more safe

·         27.5% prefer private cloud for information storage

Malicious attacks and hardware malfunctions:

·         11.5% prefer on-premise for overcoming this issue

·         58.5% prefer private cloud

Healthcare firms use two to three cloud services on average for their most widely deployed services- data centers, servers, and data backup. According to the recent trends, around 85% of the organizations host at least one service in the cloud, and 80% have plans to add additional cloud services.

The above figures prove the rising prominence of public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Public cloud empowers healthcare companies with faster time-to-market, scalability, compliance to obligations and are far performing than customized on-premises systems.

It is also critical for healthcare firms moving to cloud to achieve the HIPAA accreditation and PCI compliance. Using cloud technologies for backend operations will allow healthcare companies to channel their capital into revenue generating activities that will ultimately deliver desired results.

Most of the organizations that had deployed a cloud solution on their own found their rollouts to be less successful. This is where using a third-party cloud services provider can help. Outsourcing your cloud services will help you attain cost-effective, time-bound and secure solutions that performs in line with your business. Suyati is a leading digital transformations solutions company with outstanding cloud deployment expertise in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Force.com and Heroku. Contact us today to know more about our cloud solutions.

Author : Bhuvana Date : 29 Mar 2017