Testing your security in today’s online world

The world of hackers prospers each day, with Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, Sony, Citibank being added to the “hacked” list. One of the most critical challenges faced by corporate enterprises nowadays is the information security breach. In spite of the billions staked for cyber security every year, falling prey to cyber-attacks has become habitual in the corporate world.

What are the possible causes for these corporate challenges? How do changing workplace dynamics affect enterprise security complexity? What does the escalating data growth and emerging cyber threats have to do with these challenges? Is your company equipped to handle these challenges without falling back? Here are three areas of concern that is increasingly adding to the security challenge in most enterprises today.


Consumerization of technology has made it possible for employees to bring new devices into their workplace as a part of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program. These devices create additional network access points and provide loopholes for cyber criminals to intrude into company networks causing data leakages and other management and security headaches.

Skyrocketing data growth

Data explosion exacerbates the impact of the threats. The internet data has increased fivefold over the last 5 years and will continue to proliferate in the near future. Among the millions of videos and pages uploaded every second, confidential information including state secrets, legal documents, healthcare data, and Company IPs are being exposed to prying eyes.

New Threats bloom every day

Over 45 million viruses circulate currently over the internet and about 2000 new ones are generated each day. These hazards add to employees’ uncontrolled freedom in using their own devices at the workplace, which are likely to cross the defence mechanisms of the company at some point.

At Suyati technologies, we remove the complexity from the network security equation to focus better on combating security threats. Connecting securely and safely to the network were the only concerns of security earlier, but now, a business leader should also manage compliance, security applications and access to security. Right from recruiting capable workers, to developing new systems and methods to ensure the security of sensitive customer data and company information, we leave no stone unturned to provide a secure internal IT atmosphere for our clients. To know how we make this happen and how our team can help you achieve your security requirements through our security services visit, http://www.suyati.com/services/security_testing.html

Author : admin Date : 30 Apr 2012