The Suyatian Corporate Anthem – a song to match our spirit, energy and innovation!

I have been dreaming of an anthem for Suyati for the last 4-5 years. I must have asked at least a dozen team members, but there was not much progress. Since I was neither a writer nor a musician, I did not want to take up this challenge myself!

However, when this year’s Annual Day Program committee came to me for budgeting, I thought I would try one more time. I told Ajay and Arjun my wish for an anthem. They said one word “DONE”. And I approved their budget!!!!!

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The person I am, I of course followed up frequently and constantly. This was the brief I gave to the team – I want an anthem that talks about energy, innovation, fun, importance of being like a family, our welcoming culture, and our growth.

Bhuvana came up with the first draft that hit the brief pretty well. Revathi did the edits and shortened it to about 10 lines. Arjun then took over and sent it to his friend’s studio – My Studio, based in Ernakulam. The music director is Sai Prakash, and the singer, Niranjan Suresh.

Sai Prakash then took the lyrics and changed it around to match the music. And they are such a sweet team – whatever feedback we gave them, they kept experimenting and coming back with better and better versions.

The final draft then went to Sandeep, our in-house maestro. Luckily for us, he immediately recognized the tune as being too familiar! It reminded him of a Hindi song and so the studio set about changing it. We again reminded them of our brief – we wanted energy and a great beat, but with a Kerala touch. They did that by incorporating the chenda in the beginning.

Sandeep also ensured the lyrics matched the song…… fact, the singer had to come in and record the final version the day before the annual day as it had a couple of words wrong!

Now how are we going to use the corporate anthem? I would like for it to be played before sporting events, both within Suyati, and when we compete with external teams. This will certainly set us apart and energize us. We also will play it when we welcome guests, during our get-togethers, functions, and Suyati events. Do let me know how else we can promote the anthem and the energy that is unique to Suyati.

I had shared this anthem with a few of our clients and this is what some of them said –

Very cool  !”, “This is awesome!”,  and my personal favorite – “Thanks for sharing and congratulations. Is that you singing?” 

Here are the lyrics:

Listen to the rainbows

I can feel the time fly

Hoping all will get better for a new bright sun

Where we dream

Where we dare

Where we do on this horizon


Where passion

Through action

Where creation becomes innovation


Into our family 

We welcome you

Sing along

Join along

Let’s all walk along with Suyati


We rejoice and rise

Been together for

One big family


Do share with your friends, family and your network. Let’s spread the energy.


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Author : pvincent Date : 11 Jul 2017