Top 5 Tech Headlines That Created Ripples in Enterprises Last Week


This post brings you the 5 most important technology announcements that made tech headlines last week and how these will impact your business.

#1- Facebook comes up with a tool to recruit new employees

Facebook, the social media giant has incorporated a new feature called “Jobs” for its business pages. This allows companies to post open positions for recruiting new employees. So how can it boost your business?

With this feature, admins can share the available job openings with your company’s community and also their friends. Companies can have their own “Jobs” tab so that potential employees can learn more about the openings. The most noteworthy feature is the introduction of “Apply Now” tab which initiates the application process. Admins receive the completed application through a Facebook message and they can forward the completed application to the respective email addresses. Currently, Facebook has 50 million+ small business pages and 2 billion+ active monthly users. The inclusion of these new features will definitely transform Facebook to be a leader among professional social networks too.

#2- PayPal supports Apple’s Siri for paying bills

Siri is the payment guy supported by iOS currently. Siri lets users send or request money using voice commands on iOS devices. Using just a voice command, you can settle your bills or receive money easily. For example, “Siri, pay bill $20 via PayPal” and Siri will just do the favor for you.

#3- Google will prioritize mobile-friendly sites

Google is trying out with a new index that will punish sites that are not optimized for mobile. Today’s customers mostly use mobile devices since they want to get information instantly while moving. So, make sure that your sites are mobile-optimized and fit properly on smartphones, tablets and iPads.

#4- LinkedIn allows you to send sponsored direct messages

Now you can send sponsored InMail messages through your own LinkedIn campaign manager. Previously, LinkedIn allowed users to do it only with the help of a LinkedIn account representative. With this feature, you can easily create and send independent and fast advertisements on LinkedIn.

#5- Viber brings in yellow pages- enables you to connect with its users

Viber facilitates connection between your database and CRM system. Viber is introducing “yellow pages” that helps you locate and connect with other users on the same network (Viber currently has 800 million+ users). Using Viber, you can engage in live chats with humans or chatbots. This will improve your customer service efforts.

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Author : admin Date : 15 Nov 2016