Why Sitefinity DEC is such a must-have in the world of digital marketing?

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Customers get flooded with different kinds of marketing emails, messages and news feeds—some catch their eye, other don’t. But these numbers form a crucial source of information to companies that are targeting these messages at their customers.

Digital marketing is no longer about sending out generic advertising messages or having a rigid format and layout for the company website. It’s all about making each customer feel special and treating them uniquely. In the sea of channels, where potential buyers, with diverse tastes and interests, could land up at the company website through any medium, it is certainly not an easy task to collate the data and utilize it to chalk out the right information to the right customer.

This is where Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud or DEC comes to the rescue with its comprehensive and empowering features. Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution that enables you to collect data and track audience behaviour on your website, analyse the raw data, and utilize the facts and figures to extract essential insights and analytical recommendations on enhancing customers’ digital experience on the website.

Map, Manage and Personalize

Knowing your customer is the first step towards creating a fulfilling brand journey together. A potential customer interacts with the company through various channels and at various points. It is easy for crucial data to slip through the digital maze.

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud identifies customers from different sessions as one and the same contact and uses these details in the contact profile.

Every customer exhibits unique behavioural patterns based on his background, traits, and preferences. For a better and personalized engagement with each of the customer, even anonymous ones, Sitefinity lets you classify these into personas, assign specific attributes and goals to these, and manage all the persona profiles, with an easy interface.

Once this set is done, it becomes easier to drive personalized content to each of the personas.

Automated lead scoring and management

Customers who show a prominent interest in the company qualify as leads. Lead scoring is essentially a method where the company is able to rank its customers based on their level of interest in the company and eventually quantify their chances of conversion. This data is presented to the sales and marketing team for follow-up and nurtured through personalized emails or calls to maximize conversion rates.

Sitefinity’s Advanced Customer analysis is a fine marriage between Big Data and predictive analysis

Most organizations run ad campaigns but it is always a challenge to track the conversion rate and find out which campaign worked and which did not. Sitefinity, with its conversion and campaign tracker, lets you define a campaign and view the historic data of conversion rate, and gives you the data about which campaign was most beneficial.

Not only this, the predictive analytical engine uses this information to give useful insights for the marketer, to tweak strategies, and provide future recommendations for next-best activities. This is a huge tool in the hands of the marketer who forever has to better the previous campaign and needs to drive sales.

Well-integrated with Google Analytics

How much time a customer spends on your site, the most-clicked pages, which emails get opened and is followed up with a visit to the site, all these goals can be achieved with the Google Analytics. In addition, the organization is empowered with the tool for tracking down specific conversion behaviour like which customer segments subscribe for the newsletter or a trial offer, download the product trial or buy a product online.

 The powerful Sitefinity CMS and DEC combination

The Sitefinity CMS and Digital Experience Cloud work in tandem to offer the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive information: The customer journey repository in Sitefinity has data pooled in from various sources of engagement and thus is a single point of channel to obtain information from Telerik Sitefinity CMS, Salesforce.com, Marketo, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics or others.
    A 360 degree of comprehensive information for all customers empowers the marketers to take informed decisions.
  • Improved insight: The Sitefinity DEC correlates data from across channels to dish out information regarding customer interaction behaviour and gives specific recommendations to effectively push them towards their goals.
  • Restructure data in real-time:  Telerik Sitefinity DEC provides predictions based on which companies can tweak their ad campaigns in real-time to maximize results. Telerik Sitefinity CMS, meanwhile, empowers marketers to take customers through a personalized journey, powered by customized and optimized marketing programs.

Suyati Technologies offers enterprises the power-packed combination of Sitefinity CMS and DEC, enabling them to build effective customer journeys, while keeping track of investments and real results. Write to services@suyati.com to know more.

Author : Uma Chellappa Date : 15 Jul 2015