Windows 8: A disaster or a game changer?

October 26th, the day when Microsoft will officially bring the Windows 8 full version into the market! So many of us eager to get our hands on it, eager to decipher the mixed bag that Microsoft will put forward! To begin with, for this version, Microsoft has repeatedly emphasized on the notion that Windows 8 is meant for touch screen enabled computers and tablets. This is good when you see the market from a future perspective but is not encouraging enough given the fact that more than half of its potential users still use computers with traditional mouse and keyboard inputs.

Though on the positive side, if the beta tests are anything to go by, the installation and start-up times are deemed to be faster and smoother as compared to previous versions. Once inside, the operations are swift as well. Microsoft has also designed the OS to work in Tablets, Desktops and Laptops and hence they require minimal hardware configurations.

Though the OS is compatible with traditional input mechanisms, it can prove to be an eye sore for such users. The reason is the APP centric Metro interface of the new OS. As far as a touch enabled PC is considered, this strategy could work wonders as everything is crystal clear with enough visibility, but for a Desktop you will have to spend a considerable amount of time navigating to find the app you were looking for.

Also multitasking is not the best feature of the new OS as the developer preview only allowed 2 apps to run simultaneously.

By the time you read this blog, Microsoft might have reconsidered some of their decisions regarding the OS based on the feedback from the Beta version, and maybe the final version would be a highly modified and customer centric one! So let’s wait and watch what the new version turns out to be, a game changer or a disaster. Hopefully the former!

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Author : rramamurthy Date : 23 Jul 2012