Are you listening? Inadequate workforce for the cloud

Imagine owning a sleek, snazzy, feature rich IPhone, but no Apple engineer or support staff to service it! Quite unlikely you say? Not for companies that provide cloud computing services. In an industry inching its way towards cloud services, there seem to be a shortage in skillsets that are required to service cloud customers. It also happens to be one of the biggest challenges that a CIO faces in cloud implementations, where he finds it extremely difficult to scout for resources familiar with cloud offerings and ways to implement them.

So, get your head in the cloud! A few tips and facts that may help, if you don’t want to miss the bus to a successful career in the IT industry:-

  • Learn the various concepts of cloud based deployments and the necessary differences between traditional and cloud based models. Learn to create user cases to understand how implementations would differ.
  • Dig around for certifications and materials available online. In fact, many vendors in the cloud computing space such as Eucalyptus, Rackspace, RightScale, Opscode and enStratus provide a whole lot of training and courses that would help  individuals upgrade their skills at very little or no cost.
  • Application developers would need to be prepared to upgrade to newer APIs or frameworks such as PHP Fog or Cloud Foundry and non-relational databases such as NoSQL as well. Analysts believe that it would be the “golden” age for programmers, as the IT consumption for consulting companies would increase.
  • System administrators, even though would remain largely unaffected, will need to upgrade towards automation of various administrator roles such as virtualization, network administration, storage etc.
  • Architects and capacity planners would also be required. Architects would try to integrate disparate systems and apply their knowledge to bring up performance and service levels. Capacity planners would forecast need for resources, and this would be a more meticulous job.

Though the transition would not be fairly huge, it would be sizeable, as a variety of aspects such as infrastructure, applications, and vendors need to be managed and mentored. Retool your skillsets and be ready!

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Author : admin Date : 01 Jun 2012