Black Duck join hands with Atlassian for greater open source security

Black Duck and Atlassian

The rapid growth in open source usage has given rise to significant security and management challenges.Coming up with a solution, Black Duck – the global leader in automated solutions for securing and managing open source has joined hands with Atlassian Corporation Plc., which is a leading provider of team collaboration tools and productivity software.

With these two companies collaborating with each other, DevOps team can now build software using open source components, in a much more secure environment, while maintaining speed and agility.

Black Duck has released two Atlassian integrations with the purpose to automate the management and security functions. These are available through the Atlassian Marketplace.

With the Black Duck Hub add-ons for Bamboo and JIRA, software developers can get greater visibility, control and confidence when using open source. It allow teams to generate and manage developer workflows based on open source use and security policies defined in Black Duck Hub. If the hub identifies any vulnerabilities, it alerts JIRA software users.

The Bamboo CI integration helps teams to efficiently track and automate open source use as part of their continuous delivery pipeline. With stringent policies in place, the integration prevents release of applications with non-compliant open source.

Recently, Black Duck had made an announcement regarding its integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (TS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS). This is in line with Black Duck’s commitment to streamline and integrate open source management, with the tools and platforms development teams use to automate software and delivery.

In the coming years, open source technology will continue to grow because of the economical and productive benefits it has to offer. Such collaboration will give organizations the confidence to use open source more securely.

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Author : Deepa Nishant Sinha Date : 12 May 2017