Build an Awesome Mobile Retail Campaign in Three Steps!

mobile retail campaign

With the entry of mobile devices into the population of communication technology, advertising took a radically different meaning. Traditional forms of advertising (static banners, pop-ups) would not be effective, neither would mass emails and general messages about the product/service. With a mobile device inhabiting every region of our lives, we look for advertising that is designed specifically for us: the age of tailor-made advertising began with the rise of mobile devices. Companies could now reach out to customers by designing individual-specific ads.

The flourishing impact of mobile communication on the advertising world has been summed up in the “mobile-first marketing strategy”. The mobile-first strategy says that when a company plans website or other digital ways of communications, then they must think fundamentally of mobile experience and how their company would be received by the customers on their mobile devices.

Have you planned your mobile-first marketing strategy? What are the components in your strategy?

Here are three primary components of an awesome mobile retail campaign:

Fuse Mobile Advertising with Email Marketing

Email has been the longest citizen of the digital advertising world. The contribution of email marketing in advertising has reached new heights with email becoming “one of the most effective tactics for driving sales”. The main challenge while including email marketing as a core instrument in your advertising plan is increasing the open rate (which would fuel the user to access your product/service page).

How do you increase the open rate? By making the email specific to the needs of your customer- designing mails oriented towards individuals. This will involve the expertise of advertising. The enterprise can study the success of its email markets through email campaigns. These would reveal the open rates, details on which regions of the page receive more clicks and so on. This information can be used to categorize your customers variously and to design customer journeys.

The opening rate of those customers who have stopped contacting your business through the mail can be revived and even increased by including Facebook ads within your email. For instance, consider a product return message access to which would attract customers back to your site, driving up the revenue. However, a large proportion of audience on your subscription list might not be opening the mails. How do you elicit their attention? By including Facebook advertising within the product return message mail. Recently, Salesforce revealed that when Facebook ads were added to the mails and sent out to the mailing list, the FB ads increased the reach out rate of campaigns by over 75%.

Make Your Brand the Answer to Their Demands: Personalized Advertising

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In the age of Big Data, retailers have the biggest advantage of being able to tailor their advertising content depending on the interest of their customers. Once you have information about which products are popular, which price range is commonly accessed, even the color which is preferred and so on, then you can segment your customers into different categories and personalize your ads for each of them.

The web analytics and purchase history can be used to formulate the segments that can be employed for advertising plans. The catch while advertising your brand is to choose the right time and clothe your brand as the answer to their needs pertaining to that moment. For instance, time-driven sales, offers and discounts with shopping festivals specific to an audience publicized over social media channels coupled with mails and app notifications will retain the old clients and also draw in new customers.

Create Magical User Experience

While designing your mobile site and application, make sure every department that participates in the customer journey is involved. This includes the media, CRM and email marketing teams. It is only by integrating their expertise will you be able to see through unexpected customer hurdles to design an impeccable landing space.

Research into customer purchase experience reveals that the ease with which the customer connects and surfs through your brand page will determine their purchase-probability. In a recent piece, eMarketer states the reasons as to why mobile device users might not prefer buying through their mobiles. Among the top causes were concerns about privacy of their information, difficulty in navigating and landing on the destination page, long-drawn purchase process.

The overwhelming role of mobile in advertising can be summed up with Cyndie Shaffstall’s (Spider Trainers) saying: “Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient for you.” Design your brand on the mobile keeping in mind the needs of your clients:

  • Make sure your content is adaptive on varying screen sizes and mobile formats;
  • Focus on the visuals and base them on original ideas, sales and offers as well as current trends; and
  • Let your campaigns undergo several A/B testing before you launch it.


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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 14 Jun 2016