CMS Migration and Website Redesign: Know the Difference

CMS Migration and Website Redesign Know the Difference

Content Management Systems (CMS) and websites are inevitable online tools in a business organization. A website is like a window to an organization. It is a tool which can be used to give unique identity to a company. Websites today have become a major criterion for audience for evaluating a business organization. Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that is used to manage the content of a website. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are some of the popular CMS. They help to write, edit and post the content online conveniently.

CMS Migration and Website Redesign are two frequently used terms in an organization. However, most people are ignorant about the differences between the two. CMS migration refers to the change in the overall framework and it can be due to the upgrade of the system. Although we think that website redesign is an inseparable part of CMS migration, it is wrong. Website redesign is a matter of choice that may or may not be done at the time of CMS migration. Website redesign is not a requirement in CMS migration and CMS platforms do not affect the look of the websites. Migration is actually a complex rebuilding process. Thus, assistance of a professional who better understands the new technology for the successful migration of the site is always recommended.

We should be aware of certain things before migrating to a new CMS platform. We should consider the reasons which urge us to choose a new CMS and note down the limitations of the current platform and the current requirements. We must ensure that the new CMS has all the necessary functionalities that we need. The initial costs and maintenance price of the CMS are also things that should be considered. It is recommended that the following points are considered before migrating to a new CMS platform.

  • SEO-friendliness: CMS should enhance the traffic to the website.
  • Content personalization: CMS should have personalization capabilities as providing content according to the user needs is an important quality of a website.
  • On-page editing: The editors must be able to see how the content may appear after it is published.
  • Security: The new CMS must provide improved security to the content.
  • Speed
  • Multi-lingual support

As we learn about the uniqueness of CMS, it is also important to understand it in contrast to website redesign.


Content Migration

Content is an important aspect in CMS migration. Content migration refers to the transfer of information contained in a CMS to a new system. However, there needs to be a specific plan regarding the transfer of content from the existing site to the new CMS. The budget strategy for the migration process needs consideration as it helps in deciding whether to choose automated tools or manual content migration.

Website Redesign

Once an organization has designed their website, its content requires to be managed and the site redesigned with expansion of business. There are many reasons that necessitate website redesign.

  • The website must be updated with SEO friendly content to enhance the traffic to it.
  • The need for updating the website according to existing market trends.
  • The website must be compared with the competitors and ensured that it is better than that of the rivals.

During a website redesigning process, the look of the website is a factor that is given importance. The usage of attractive graphics, images and fonts helps in making the website appealing to the users. The new design should work on all the limitations of the older one and provide a fresh appearance. The website should have all the necessary information that we think the users should get.

It is also advisable to provide a content inventory in the website. Content inventory refers to a list of all the content in the website. It is an easy way for the audience to browse through content in the website. Content inventory is helpful in avoiding unnecessary browsing through all the pages in the website to find the required information.

CMS migration and website redesign are two related concepts. Although there are differences between the two concepts, both help in improving an existing website. An efficient website goes a long way to uplift the image of an organization. An effective CMS is necessary for managing it with ease and a timely rebuilding process is important to manage as well as change the look of the website.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 14 Apr 2016