DevZone at Dreamforce 2014

Dreamforce is a pioneer in today’s Cloud Computing space and they ensure that they provide the right environment to promote innovation among its devoted legion of Administrators, Developers, Consultants, Architects, Company Executives and Customers. This is made possible by their wonderful employees (called “Evangelists”) throughout the year and they encourage everyone to experiment, research and help each other to create a powerful IT eco-system.

This evangelism also happens in a mega scale once every year and it’s at the DevZone at Dreamforce.

This year at Dreamforce, DevZone will showcase more interactive and hands-on sessions. DevZone will be hosted with more space allocated in a theatre style and this time it won’t be an open area beside the expo. From fundamentals, programming, security, identity, chatter, salesforce1 to seeing how companies and developers innovate on the cloud, everything would be explained with more emphasis on practical application.

There will be loads of sessions from which you can wisely choose to make the most out of your learning. Check out the session webpage at Dreamforce website. Soon, will publish an app named as “Agenda Builder” which will help you to choose and schedule the most important sessions for you. This app is expected to be published in the 1st or 2nd week of September 2014. So watch out for any shout-outs on this news in the Dreamforce communities and Twitter channels

You will be able to see many people whom you have seen through webinars and code-talks walking in front of you. Make sure to meet them and say hi. Some of the people whom I would love to meet at Dreamforce are Pat Patterson, April Kyle Nassi, Sandeep Bhanot, Kavindra Patel, Samantha Ready, Ankit Arora and many more (:P the developer evangelism team is very huge). Besides the evangelism team, you will see most of the MVP’s here at the DevZone as they are core coders. Networking is the key aspect at DevZone. You will meet a lot of people who are from different areas of technology and business. Many people representing ISV’s, small scale start-ups, consultants, big companies will be there to find out a suitable partner for their software development or to evaluate a feature which you are a PRO at. All these opportunities will hook you and your company up for more exciting deals. Every Dreamforce that you attend will increase the footprint of your company and your influence in the cloud computing space. Make the maximum use of Twitter to find out the people standing beside you and with just a couple of tweets, your interactions will start.

At DevZone, you will be able to get free books on Salesforce fundamentals, and so on. So make sure that you grab them. Take a lot of pictures at DevZone because this is going to be one of the most awesome times of your life. 🙂

See you all at DevZone – Dreamforce 2014

Dreamforce Campus map is shown below for your quick reference.

View Dreamforce ’14 Campus – Session Locations in a larger map

Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 04 Sep 2014