When clients rolled out the red carpet for Team Suyati


when-clients-rolled-out-the-red-carpet-for-team-suyatiOur Chief People Officer, Vincent, just came back from a two-week tour of our clients in the US. This was his first visit to the country, and also his first meeting of most of our clients on their turf. As can be expected, it was a joyous occasion for Vincent. For more reasons than one!

Here’s Vincent on his visit and why he feels it is imperative that we turn our delighted customers into raving fans:

It was an amazing experience meeting Suyati’s clients at their offices in United States. For me personally, it was a wonderful opportunity to put a face to the voice I have been listening for many years over the phone.

Rolling out the red carpet 

Customer Delight

At each and every client office we visited (and we had close to a dozen client visits over 2 weeks) the warmth and joy of their welcome was unexpected. They literally rolled out the red carpet. The managers that I had been interacting over the phone till now, had very painstakingly arranged introductory meetings with various business stakeholders in their respective organizations. We could meet people 2-3 levels up in the hierarchy. These mostly included CIOs, CMOs, and CEOs.

Introducing us as strategic partners

Customer Delight

 What touched me particularly was that Suyati was introduced in the meetings with great pride by the respective managers.  They also emphasized to their team that Suyati was not just another outsourcing vendor but a technology partner who can assist in improving business processes. It was absolutely gratifying to hear CIOs explain how Suyati is helping their IT team transform from being a support function to a contributor to the company’s bottom line.

Selfie moments!

Customer Delight

Well attended meetings, active participation, brain-storming sessions, sumptuous lunches at the offices, delicious dinners at famous restaurants, photo sessions or group selfies – all great moments that can never be forgotten.

Team Suyati is on their minds. And tongues.

Customer Delight

As we sat through these day-long sessions, what I loved was the way many of our team’s names were used often. “Talk to Ramesh, Simi, or Peter; Send an email to Aneesh; Giji will be there; Abhi is on the task; Hebin will come up with an idea; Rufza has lot of questions; Lokin this and Lokin that…….”

The clients spoke so highly of each and every team member’s contributions, and how we keep stepping up whenever there was an issue or problem. I have no words to express my gratitude to every Suyati employee who made these moments possible.

Turning delighted customers into raving fans

Customer Delight

The visit has made me all the more obligated to our clients. I want to make sure we turn every delighted customer into a raving fan of Suyati. Digital transformation is the buzz word and every business is looking forward to increased digitalization.  How can we do it?

By continuing to do what we are doing. Use technology. Create POCs. Figure out smarter solutions. Innovate constantly. Think like an entrepreneur.

Almost all of the clients we met, plan on visiting us at our Kochi offices over the next 3 months. It is time to showcase our hospitality and prepare ourselves to convert our clients to Suyati fans.

Author : pvincent Date : 17 Jul 2017