For God’s sake, let’s not forget to think inside the box!

If I had a penny every time I was told to think outside the box, I would be giving millions away like Bill Gates. At Suyati, we are a product development company with focus on creating dedicated teams specific to the IT requirements of our clients. Our experience has taught us that our clients need a judicious blend of conventional (and practical) thinking and unorthodox solutions to specific problems as they emerge. In short, they need both inside and outside the box thinking.

The reason is simple. Businesses look for an IT vendor who has a well-defined service matrix, a good team with great attitude, and a work ethic that includes having fun. To provide the above does not need outside-the-box thinking. It needs an established work environment that ruthlessly follows processes, a solid HR team that can consistently recruit the right person (with absolutely the right attitude), and finally a Management team that truly thinks, “People are our biggest asset”. In short, typical inside-the-box management principles.

So what does our Dedicated Global Team, with inside-the-box thinking, offer?

  • An open and transparent cost structure that lays down in detail the admin cost, infrastructure cost, IT skill cost, and margins
  • A flexible contract that outlines the nature of the relationship, including an exit strategy  for the client if things don’t work out, or if the relationship needs to progress to a more solid foundation
  • A great team that focuses on getting the job done, with no hang-ups or frills or fuss, and translates hard core requirements into software that actually works
  • A partnership for the long haul that understands what you are trying to do with your business, and stay the course with you.

Let’s face it – the outsourcing industry is soon going to run out of steam if it is going to get away from the basics and promise customers the moon. Promise clients good, clean software at a reasonable cost delivered on time. Yup, and then start providing out-of-the-box solutions for problems that really need them.

End of the day, it’s all about knowing your box so well, in and out, that customers come flocking to you. Now that’s out-of-the-box thinking for you!

We’re listening.

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Author : Revathi Krishna Date : 12 Jul 2011