Google introduces final release version of Angular 2.0


When Google introduced its first version of Angular (web application framework) in 2010, it rapidly grew to become one of most sought-after web technologies. Web has undergone tremendous changes since then. In 2014, Google announced that it will soon release Angular 2. This announcement aroused the excitement of web development communities across globe, because the new version (Angular 2) was not just an update, but a supposed holistic revamp of the framework. Angular 2 will be enhanced by completely rewriting the features to make them more compatible. After several preview and beta releases, Google is launching the final release version of Angular 2.0 officially.

New features of Angular 2.0:

·         Excellent support for modern browsers and mobile development

·         Integrated many core functionalities into modules

·         Easy to use third-party applications, besides built-in apps

·         Allows to use TypeScript (TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft)

·         Use of TypeScript encourages static typing and class-based object-oriented programming

Angular team has plans to come up with more guides and examples that will facilitate easy and quick learning of Angular 2.0. The team is also trying to incorporate more work into animations for Angular 2.0. Angular Universal is another focus area- a project that allows you render your app server-side. This lets your first-time users see a server-rendered version of your site. Going ahead, Angular team will be releasing Angular updates via three channels- major, minor and patch.

Author : admin Date : 15 Sep 2016