Fun is serious business @ Suyati!

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. Arnold J. Toynbee 

Whether it’s your first job or your fifth, there is something about a new workplace that warrants butterflies in the stomach and a sense of isolation. For the outgoing kinds, it’s probably just a matter of a few weeks to find their comfort zone and make friends. The introverts, on the other hand, suffer in morbid silence for months on end; only a handful of lucky ones among them find their space in the solitude. But this is a case with other workplaces; not at Suyati, no way!

work culture at suyati technologies

“I’m experiencing work-life balance in the true sense at Suyati. Being a mother of two, I needed comfortable working hours to ensure that when I am home, I can focus on the kids. Suyati has given me exciting opportunities to engage my skills as software tester, without having to compromise on my role of a mother,” says Jeena Thomas, Senior QA Engineer at Suyati.

Suyati’s start-up culture makes work look and feel good. There is barely a dull moment around here. It’s the kind of place where you could have a cup of coffee with the CEO and there would be nothing exceptional about it. A place where you share your lunch with your team lead or pull a fast one on him, just for laughs. A place where work is not stress, but passion, and colleagues are companions!

Work hard, play harder – that’s how we do it!

Playing hard at Suyati

working and playing hard at suyati technologies, Infopark

There is never a dull moment at Suyati. Here, celebrations are aplenty. So whether it’s Onam or Women’s Day, the launch of a new product or an award for an employee, the festivities never end! Good times are celebrated together, with an announcement, the giving away of a prize, or perhaps even a flash mob (yes, you read that right), and always, food.

onam and christmas celebrations at Suyati technologies

And that’s not all. There are annual getaways and Onam celebration with family, cricket, football, chess and table tennis matches, dance competitions, DJ parties, tech events, and so much more.

The open door policy

An employee walking right into the CEO’s or HR director’s cabin without an appointment or prior permission wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at Suyati. This is because we have instated an open door policy that breaks hierarchical barriers and creates a sense of comfort even with the top management. So whether an employee wants to voice a concern or needs professional advice, they can catch up with the CEO without batting an eyelid!

Encourage. Appreciate. Repeat.

encouragements and awards given to best performing employees at Suyati

At Suyati, we encourage and appreciate independent, entrepreneurial thinking. Employees are given the freedom to voice their thoughts and opinions, propose new ideas and products, and engage in personal growth. Good work is always appreciated here. So whether it’s preparing for professional certification or extracurricular activities, Suyati always provides support, acknowledges the accomplishment and rewards the victor.

Comfort over everything else

Unlike other corporate firms where formal dressing is the way to be, Suyati believes in dressing comfortably. “It doesn’t matter whether you wear formal attire or walk into office in a pair of shorts. What matters is how you work and love it while you are at it,” says Vincent N P, Director-HR, at Suyati.

“The very fact that the focus is on enjoying your work over everything else makes a huge impact on how we work,” adds Muktha Ashok Kumar, Senior Marketing Executive at Suyati, who wears smart casuals to office.

It’s here to stay

With a start-up culture that eases work stress and makes project deadlines feasible, there is no reason it has to change, even as Suyati grows and adds more people to its workforce. We believe good things should last a lifetime, and that’s exactly what we are working towards.

Author : admin Date : 23 Jul 2015