The future of Retail with emerging technologies

Retailers are adopting emerging technologies in a big way to stay relevant and keep abreast of competition. The whitepaper starts with stats on how technology in general and smartphones in particular influence retail. It then reviews the key emerging technologies in widespread use by retailers, as in how such technologies help the retailers, and the effectiveness of such technologies vis-à-vis the expectations.

The emerging technologies most in use are beacon, in-store analytics, augmented reality and digital signage. Beacon allows retail stores to identify their customers and customise the engagement. In-store analytics allows the retailer to go the extra mile, to engage the customer on their terms. Augmented Reality delivers a whole new powerful experience to the customer. Digital Signage attracts the customer and makes the engagement much more powerful and effective compared to traditional methods.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 31 Aug 2018