Top seven advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX: Make it your one-stop ERP solution

Microsoft Dynamics, also known as AXAPTA, is an integrated ERP solution for all types of mid-and-large-sized businesses. It’s especially beneficial to businesses that have a global presence and wish to manage its financial, supply chain and customer relationship requirements with a single solution.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential to any business that wants to get its act together, literally and figuratively. An integrated ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX not only brings together all the work systems under one umbrella helping businesses streamline their data but also provides them with key insights to remain ahead of their competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics AX interconnects businesses across various sectors and locations to ensure quality and transparency in a global and multi-dimensional business environment.

Let’s find out the benefits and value addition accrued to an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Smarter, faster, smoother decisions

Innovation is the key to success in this fast-paced business environment and this integrated ERP solution puts an organization on the fast-track by unifying complex silo data, providing the business with predictive analysis through dashboard KPIs and reporting tools. Since the user interface is also one that all Microsoft users are familiar with, decision making is quick and efficient.

  • An upward growth graph

By integrating with Microsoft technologies like BizTalk server, Office Systems, Office SharePoint, the Dynamics AX allows businesses to streamline ad-hoc work processes, adopt standard practices, automate and extend supply chain management across borders and make deployment a simple process. This, in turn, ensures a quick scalability. With solutions that can be tailor cut to suit every company’s goals and objectives, Microsoft Dynamics AX catapults the business to the forefront.

  • A global force to reckon

Microsoft Dynamics AX supports financial requirements for over 36 countries. The enterprise edition empowers the business to make forays into newer markets. For an organization that has a presence in several countries, the language and currency challenges are easily handled with the Dynamics AX software. For instance, a language-specific report can be automatically generated and shared across regions and countries. Multi-currency reporting tools, analytics, and dashboards make it easier for global leaders to standardize process as well as gauge the amount of risk due to currency fluctuation and take corrective measures.

  • Better team collaboration and productivity

The RoleTailored user interface of the Microsoft Dynamics AX is similar to using Microsoft Office, thus enabling employees to focus on the core task rather than learning a new application. The business intelligence provided coupled with the automation of specific and routine tasks help to enhance productivity. More than 30 Role Centres provide the right business intelligence suited to the user role. The real-time KPIs (key performance indicators) and scorecards are also role-based, thereby motivating employees to work smarter. Unified communication tools help in sharing critical information with the team across regions by ‘click to communicate’ functionality. Also, since all data is stored and accessed through a single point, there’s increased transparency and collaboration.

  • Flexible yet cost-effective

Since the market is constantly changing, a flexible ERP solution is the need of the hour. A business needs products that can be added, deleted, adapted and modified along the way. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, an organization gets access to a wide range of products under the solution that adds value to the industry-specific process. Since they fall under the same Microsoft umbrella and are interconnected, the operational costs are lower.

  • Hassle-free IT compliance

With the Compliance Centre, businesses can not only centralize compliance requirements and regulatory activities but also share them easily across the organization. A built-in tool makes it extremely simple to manage all the risk indicators, policies, documents, audit reports under one roof. The security features offered by the software eliminates the need for separate data protection tools thereby reducing the cost, time and effort by a large margin.

  • Happy customers, higher sales

Businesses can provide end-to-end solutions effectively with integrated and streamlined product and sales processes. Real-time insights help to identify best sales opportunities, respond and resolve customer issues before they are escalated. Agile solution optimizes the work-flow, improves logistics and delivers the products to the consumer faster. The omnichannel control allows you to track the purchase trail of customers across the globe enabling the business to connect, communicate and provide better services.

To sum it up, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the one-stop solution that gives an organization the competitor’s edge and eases the journey towards a sustained and accelerated growth.

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Author : Uma Chellappa Date : 16 Sep 2018