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Small and Medium Enterprises, otherwise known as SMEs, face a great many challenges to growth, wherever in the world they may be located. Research shows that some of the main challenges SMEs face include increase in operating costs, decrease in availability of skilled IT professionals, and inability to innovate and grow against hyper competition in today’s global economy.

SMEs would need to assimilate the technical expertise and know how necessary to function as players in the global market, and it is indeed a fact that more and more German SMEs are looking to develop their businesses globally while looking for feasible methods of reducing their operational costs without sacrificing product quality or increasing marketing time.

Outsourcing some or most of their IT development to a good IT partner is a great way to kick start the growth of the business.

Suyati Technologies is equipped to collaborate with and support small and medium IT companies using the DGT model, or the Dedicated Global Team system.  Suyati’s DGT is based on a unique concept: create, innovate, and support the product while simultaneously increasing revenues and reducing costs for the client.

Suyati’s transparent cost structure, risk sharing approach, and disciplined project management are additional attributes of the DGT model, and the offshore company would be able to avail of a transparent, flexible, and long-term solution for their IT related challenges.

Would like to know more about Suyati’s DGT model? Our team is in Germany from March 1st until the 10th, and can meet with you at your convenience. If you want additional information, or our free e-book on “IT challenges faced by Germany, and how Suyati’s DGT can overcome those challenges”, email our Team at services@suyati.com.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 16 Feb 2011