Microsoft brings together Office 365 and Power BI Reporting


Microsoft announced the preview of the adoption of Office 365 in Power BI Reporting. Now, this feature is going to help the Office 365 admins considerably. They can more easily track the department specific or region specific adoption and usage of Office 365. And the intelligent usage reports feature of Office 365 serves as a great starting point for the admins to understand the usage trends of Office 365.

Microsoft is combining the intelligence of the Office 365 usage reports with the interactive reporting capabilities of Power BI. With this, you can visualize and analyze Office 365 usage data, create custom reports and share the insights within your organization. Going a step ahead, you can even dive into more granular attributes such as location and department.

If Office 365 facilitates more productivity and efficient collaboration and communication, the adoption of this new content pack will enable admins and users to gain deeper insights into how they can leverage Office 365 to get the best out of it. Admins can also plan how to orient their user adoption trainings and communications going forward.

Here is how the adoption preview will look like:

The new dashboard will be divided into four areas:

Adoption Report: Allows admins to view how many users own a license, the number of active users, first time users, users who return the product after first time use and so on.

Communication Report: Shows a “Communication Activities” report that portrays how different communication methods are faring (like Yammer posts or email). It also shows additional metrics- mails read by clients, average number of mails sent, amount of time spent etc.

Collaboration Report: Gives report on how your employees are using OneDrive and SharePoint for internal collaboration. It also draws comparison between how users share documents internally and externally.

Activation Report: Shows the activation trends of Office 365 ProPlus, Project and Visio activations across your organization.

Along with the above, there are a few additional reports offered in this adoption pack by Microsoft. Some of them are Yammer Usage report, Skype for Business Usage report, Office 365 Top Usage report. You can read more about this here.


Author : admin Date : 12 Oct 2016