Suyati Steps – Experience Speaks

Anusree Vijayan - Suyati technologies feedbacks

Everyone said that the IT profession is a struggle and you have to be an expert to get in. I was scared enough, but as the STEP program started I gained confidence.  The classes were good and informative. All subject started from the basics, so we were able to catch up with the schedule.

Step program polished our skills and I was able to understand my weak points as well. Now I know where to work on. Soft skill classes were really good for me because I used to make excuses to escape from presentation, but now I have confidence in myself.

OOP classes from Jijo Sir was interesting and the best classes so far. Coding Convention class helped us to make the codes up to standards. Java script, CSS, CSS3, html5 were entirely new for me. Classes were practical so we were able to understand these concepts very well. BA classes introduced as to the management world.

All the mentors were friendly including Revathy madam. So we were not at all afraid to ask doubts. Fortunately in between these sessions we witnessed the release of SoCXo and flash mob.

Assessments helped us to revise all the topics. The environment in Suyati attracts all of us. We all are trying to meet up to the standards to get through the training and transform from a student to professional. Now we have the passion. I would like to thank Suyati for this Step program which has molded us suitably for professional life. And I hope the project training is going to useful as well.

Author : Anusree Vijayan Date : 03 Jul 2015