Top Five Salesforce Customer Stories

The rapid growth of Salesforce over the last few years is for a good reason. Hundreds of companies, ranging from those that are now synonymous in the lexicon for what they do, to niche companies catering to a special set of companies, and from brands that are household names, to start-ups, have used Salesforce tools and offerings to reap spectacular success. Here are the most spectacular Salesforce customer stories which will blow your mind.

GE Aviation made its products more socially connected

General Electric, among the most popular brands in the world, has a strong presence in a variety of industries, ranging from consumer appliances to healthcare and from power generation to aviation. GE’s is the most famous Salesforce success story, and perhaps the best too.

GE thrives on innovation, and GE Aviation’s latest round of innovation is to forge closer ties with its customers, by making its products more socially connected. The company has leveraged the latest cloud technologies, and failing to find exactly what they required, invented some new solutions, to make its business more social. GE Aviation used Salesforce for this task.

Rather than limit Salesforce as a way to give everyone access to customer data, GE Aviation used the platform as a collaboration tool, to connect various team members, including sales executives, reps, managers, and others, and also customers. The tool developed enables members to connect in a very iterative, immediate, and fast way. Reps use the platform to share documents, answer questions, and get instantaneous feedback, and everyone in the loop gets the synthesis of the data they need to really know about customers. What earlier took a week of painstaking teamwork is now done seamlessly in a matter of minutes.

GE uses social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with its consumers. By integrating the social channels to the tools developed in Salesforce, GE Aviation not only gains valuable feedback, but they also enable customers to go behind the scenes and see innovation at work. Sales and marketing executives can monitor and participate in online conversations, to get real time feedback and ideas for future innovations.

GE Capital uses communities for stronger client relationships

 Capital, another flagship General Electric uses Salesforce to embrace new social technologies, to further its mission of providing financing and expertise to grow customers’ capital. These technologies also forge stronger and deeper connections with customers, besides greater employee engagement and collaboration.

GE Capital uses Access GE, a new collaborative community using the Salesforce Platform and developed using the agile development methodology. The community allows executives to connect to peers with similar needs, share experiences, and participate in discussions on topics of mutual interest, for the benefit of everyone. The commercial sales team of 3,100+ employees connects on Chatter to share sales strategies, uncover cross-sell opportunities and get advice from insiders. Mid-market CEOs and CFOs use this community to tap into the expertise of their peers and other GE Capital employees. The dynamic, social conversations happening on Access GE offers clients answers or information they are seeking very fast.

Burberry builds deeper customer connections across the value chain

rand reputation matters in the fashion industry more than any other industry, and it is imperative for brands to remain connected with their customers and other stakeholders. Burberry embraces the Web and social media to extend the brand image and engage with customers and fans in entirely new ways. It has used Salesforce to build and power “Burberry World,” a social enterprise that achieves a total integration between the brand, employees, and customers. The customer has total access to Burberry, across any device, anywhere, to get the exact same experience and feeling and the ultimate online luxury shopping experience.

Burberry Community, one of the fastest efforts ever put together using Salesforce, connects the back-end operations to front-end, to workers and to customers in an integrated manner. It leverages many of Salesforce’s strengths, from social networking with Chatter, to its comprehensive CRM capabilities.
Salesforce has made possible Burberry’s objective of a true digital company using digital channels through and through for all interaction. Burberry is now ready for the future of business, which is borderless and agnostic.

Facebook uses Salesforce to make work more social!

When even Facebook uses Salesforce rather than develop their own workplace tool to further employee interaction, it tells something of Salesforce’s robustness and power.

Facebook uses its own site as a workplace tool for employees to obtain what they need to work productively, but the company also uses Salesforce for many functions, such as:

  • Sales Cloud to manage ad sales, to keep track of advertisers’ contact and to manage account information.
  • Salesforce1 Platform for HR functions, including the entire hire-to-retire process comprising of collecting resumes, sharing feedback on candidates, making job offers, skill development, providing feedback and fixing compensation.
  • Salesforce for employees to provide feedback to each other. offers personalized dashboards for each employee, enabling them to view the reviews, critiques and encouragement from peers. Seamless integration of this suite with Facebook allows employees to move easily between and Facebook in the course of their daily workflow.

Virgin America uses Chatter to keep teammates connected

Virgin America, founded with the goal of “making flying good again,” offers top notch service, and a host of entertaining, innovative amenities. It tries to differentiate itself from competitors by offering a unique customer experience, built up on a fun and friendly work culture.

Virgin understands the importance of interacting with everyone on the team and making them all a part of the community, to develop such a culture. It relies on the Salesforce and Chatter social network to keep everyone connected and maintain its playful spirit. The company has replaced its aging intranet VXConnect with a new social intranet powered by Chatter and the Salesforce1 Platform. Employees logged into the intranet see everything going on inside the company. They can communicate with coworkers, share information, solve problems, and work together to provide the best possible experience for guests. Chatter groups allow users to share information on weather-related issues and delays quickly. About 90% of the users are on the move at any given time, and Chatter makes it easy for them to connect to the network using their mobile devices.

Virgin also has plans to use a chatter-like system, presumably powered by Salesforce, to customize monitors at passenger’s seat, to display custom greetings, tailored features, and more.

The world of computing offers a whole host of possibilities, and Salesforce is perhaps the top enabler of such possibilities. Get in touch ( with us to understand how we can help you write your own Salesforce success story. Or, check out our Salesforce page.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 26 Sep 2014