Salesforce Einstein Analytics: Becoming a data scientist was never this easy

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Technology now enables just about everyone to become a data analyst, and with Salesforce Einstein Analytics, everyone can now become a data scientist.

Why Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics enables users to accelerate sales, improve customer service and optimize their marketing campaigns.  Einstein Analytics brings the power of algorithms in minutes, something that data scientists took days or even weeks to perfect. Overall, the insights offered by Einstein allow executives to make decisions 38% faster.

However, there is more to it than mere incremental benefits on the existing possibilities.

The volume of data that a business is growing at an exponential pace, and spotting every trend and correlation, and to test every hypothesis, using conventional manual oriented methods is now next to impossible.

Yet, such tasks are very important in a highly challenging competitive environment. Einstein learns from the available data, and delivers predictions and recommendations based on the business processes and circumstances unique to the business. Thus sales reps, agents, analysts, and marketers get insights they need to make every customer interaction smarter. It even automates certain tasks, enabling executives to make optimal use of their time.

An added advantage of this self-learning network is its ability to make absolutely objective and detached analysis, determining business outcomes more consistently than what an average professional could do on a given day. The software does not sleep, does not have bad days, and is available at all times. The insights and stories from the data are difficult to unearth even for an elite team of data scientists working round the clock.

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How Salesforce Einstein Analytics Works

When the user enters a query, the tool leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to throw up contextually relevant results, pinpointing what is happening, the reason behind such happening, and prediction on what is likely to happen next. Einstein uses machine learning to detect statistical trends and patterns, and deliver the same to users in a much more comprehensive, consistent and complete way, compared to what human data scientists can ever provide. The engine automatically analyzes billions of data combinations, and recommends the best course of action, evaluating the most likely scenario, and the pros and cons of each possible action. Users may drill down to the most up-to-date data, uncover insights, collaborate and take instant action from any device.

The suite even auto-generates slide presentations complete with visualizations and talking points, offering added value.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics goes one step further, and is a guidance system, which uses past data and interposes it with current situations and future possibilities, to predict trends.

Consider the case of a salesperson out to meet his quarterly numbers. When he uses Salesforce Einstein Analytics, he gets comprehensive and in-depth insights on a customer, competitor and pipeline data, and also recommendations such as, “Set up a meeting with customer X, to close sales five days faster,” or “the customer you regard as loyal is talking to your competitor very often. Taking him to lunch may be a good idea” or “you need buy-in from three managers to close the deal. Here is what you should be doing…” and so on.

With Einstein Dynamics, every sales rep gets a dynamic dashboard, complete with all required functionality, such as activity tracking, account whitespace, benchmarking, and more, offering them powerful insights required to perform effectively and close the deal. Having identified a new opportunity or uncovered a trend, the user may create a task, change a close date or share insights on any device, all seamlessly from a single pane, without having to hunt through spreadsheets or wrestle with disconnected BI software.

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Supporting Tools 

Einstein Discovery, a tool launched simultaneously with Salesforce Einstein Analytics, perfectly complements the latter. It conducts statistical checks across the data sets processed, to confirm the validity of trends and give users intelligent explanations on the patterns uncovered, walking users through the next course of action. For instance, after generating sales data, Einstein Discovery guides the user to pinpoint the factors having the most impact to close a deal, and how such factors may vary by location or any other variable. As always, businesses have the flexibility to build their own models in Discovery, to gain insights the way they like it.

To familiarise users with the new analytics possibilities, Salesforce offers “analytics Trailblazers,” a package of twelve online learning modules on the interactive, guided and gamified Trailhead platform.

Delivery Modes

Einstein Analytics is, in essence, a portfolio consisting of several native self-service apps, preconfigured with KPIs built in As of now, Salesforce offers Einstein Analytics apps in three different ready-made modes:

  1. The Salesforce Einstein Analytics Sales app come preconfigured with role-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing managers and executives to collaborate, manage forecasts, gain pipeline visibility and track team performance from anywhere, at any time. Users can benchmark, uncover opportunities, and act fast to size when the time is ripe to close the deal.
  2. The Service Analytics app is meant for call center managers, offering relevant insights for channel optimization and boosting agent efficiency. Call centers using such apps can serve customers in a much better way, and boost customer satisfaction.
  3. The B2B Marketing Analytics App delivers data-driven insights on engagement, pipeline, and campaign performance, for marketers engaged in Business to Business dealings.

As it is with everything Salesforce, Einstein Analytics also delivers on flexibility. Customers may use analytics app designer, visual data preparation, and outside data connectors to build their own custom analytics apps on the Salesforce platform, ensuring they have all the relevant metrics they require, and omitting any superfluous details for their business. More than 20 analytics apps from leading ISVs are already available on the AppExchange now.

Custom Einstein Analytics Apps start at $150 per user, per month. Einstein Discovery starts at $75 per user, per month. Salesforce is currently offering a free trial of Einstein Discovery to anyone who has data they want to explore.

Salesforce makes a bold claim that everyone can be a “citizen data scientist.” With Einstein Analytics, Salesforce walks its talk, and delivers the promise.

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Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 19 Jul 2017